Resource RoundUP: Support

Are You Aware of These Great Perks of Membership?

The American Institute of Architects is made up of nearly 88,000 design professionals at all stages of their careers, and the organization is here to connect you, its members, to top-quality education, business, and career resources, as well as a community deeply engaged in promoting the value of architecture. AIA Pittsburgh would like to highlight some of the resources available here, in the Resource RoundUP, a recurring feature that will breakdown some of the great materials and tools made available to AIA members. This month’s RoundUP will focus on Support, next month we will look at Knowledge, and our final in this three-part series will look at other Resources available that stand alone. And if you’re not a member, now...

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Choose Your Own Adventure

Which Route Will You Take Towards Licensure?

By Sean Sheffler, AIA, LEED AP BD+C Posted on September 1, 2016

I’m not ashamed to admit that I don’t have the best sense of direction.  Especially lately, when my day job has taken me to little out-of-the-way places that are hard to find, and sometimes even harder to find my way back from.  I’ve become increasingly hyper-reliant on the GPS and navigation apps on my phone to get me pointed in the right direction.  Oddly enough, sometimes even when I know exactly where I’m headed (back to the office, or, occasionally, home), I’m just not quite sure of how to go about getting there… because I’m starting out in unfamiliar territory.  That’s when the app is the most valuable, helping me to get myself oriented and make the right choices, instead of heading off...

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Take Five

Clarification from the AIA-Appointed Architect Licensing Adviser of PA...

By Sean Sheffler, AIA Posted on August 25, 2015

Anyone that knows me has probably noticed that I spend a lot of time talking to a lot of young professionals. And it surprises me that, even with the massive effort NCARB has undertaken to educate the community about the pending changes in the exam process (including publishing the Test Specification), there’s still a great deal of confusion and misunderstanding about what’s actually going on. So let’s all take a collective breather –take five, if you will – and review some of the more important facts about ARE 5.0… 1. The new version of the exam is still over a year away.  ARE 5.0 is not set to launch until late 2016, well over a year from now.  Anyone that...

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July @ the AIA

It’s July, it’s hot, and you’re counting down the days (or hours) until vacation. Things may feel slower, even sluggish, on these 90° days, but the AIA is still at it, putting your dues dollars to work! While the calendar may not look very full, AIA Pittsburgh is working full-throttle as Design Pittsburgh approaches. Have a project you’re particularly proud of? A great design you want to show off to other professionals? A contender for an Honor Award? Submit it to our annual Design Awards Competition! In the meantime, here is a breakdown of events and opportunities happening this month at the AIA. Paula Maynes, AIA AIA Pennsylvania ARE Grant – The deadline for this first-ever ARE grant for Associate...

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Honoring Paula Maynes, AIA

Introducing the Paula Maynes AIA Pennsylvania ARE Grant

Paula Maynes was known for her mentorship, her work ethic, and her calm, collaborative nature. She was a leader statewide in the architectural community and understood the importance of supporting aspiring architects to achieve licensure. The AIA Pennsylvania Associates Committee has identified a need to provide assistance to Associates throughout the Commonwealth, who are taking the Architect Registration Examinations (AREs). Due to the lingering impacts of the recession on the architectural, design, and construction fields, many emerging professionals are still underemployed and struggling to pay off school loans. The AIA PA Associates Committee believes it is essential for the future success of our profession to retain as many young professionals and Associates as possible and aims to facilitate their path...

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Participation Is Key

Notes from the AIA Pennsylvania Associate Director

By Joanna Beres, Assoc. AIA Posted on December 5, 2014

I have participated in the AIA at varying levels over the years. I was previously an editor for the National Associates Committee AssociateNews publication, and I was secretary of AIA Pittsburgh’s YAF. I first became the AIA PA Associate Director in December 2012 and have learned so much about fiscal responsibility via serving on the state board of directors. Annual participation at Grassroots (the AIA lobbying and leadership conference), National Convention, and the Large States Conference have all been opportunities to learn from and share ideas with our colleagues across the nation. I have also participated on the state communications committee as well as on the awards committee. I believe that participation in the AIA has been a means of...

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ARE 5.0 and Review Sessions

Are you in the know?

Are you on the path to licensure? Looking for NCARB news and a study group to keep you motivated? Look no further! ARE Review Series Starting each September, the Young Architects Forum produces an ongoing series of monthly review sessions for those preparing for the Architectural Registration Exam. Each month, a prominent member of the architectural community will focus on one of the seven divisions of the exam, presenting some strategies for the graphic vignette and a lecture based on division-specific content, followed by a question and answer session. Individuals can purchase a package of all seven review sessions for $125, or register for specific classes for $20 each. To learn more and register, visit the YAF ARE Review Sessions...

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More Than One Path to Licensure

Five recently registered architects discuss their journeys

By Sean Sheffler, AIA, LEED AP Posted on September 23, 2013

The paths in the architectural profession are many and varied, and the nature of those practicing within it, are divergent. Our differing backgrounds, education, and experience each influence our approach to practice, which we perform in different states, in different regions, and in different market segments. Some of us are working in 200-person firms, while others are sole practitioners. Some of us design, some of us market, some of us develop construction drawings. Where our paths converge, however, is in the act of earning one’s license. Registration – whether we are currently working to achieve it, or look back fondly upon the process — is the one thing we all have in common as professionals. We asked five recently registered...

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The Village

One architect's look at mentorship.

By Sean Sheffler, AIA, LEED AP BD+C Posted on January 29, 2013

As the old saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child, something I’ve become all too aware of in the past eighteen months. My wife and I welcomed a son in 2011; it’s been a life-changing experience, in ways that we never expected. We knew, going in, that parenting was going to be a huge responsibility. Turns out, we were wrong — parenting is an enormous responsibility, and I don’t just mean sleepless nights and dirty diapers. We’re in the process of creating a person; in doing so, we  have charged ourselves with teaching  our son  right from wrong, good from bad… in other words, making sure that he becomes a decent human being. It didn’t take us...

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November @ the AIA

Kicking up leaves along a sidewalk. Getting one of the last seats on the bus. An inspiring project. A late-night idea. Homemade meals shared among friends and family.  There are so many things to be thankful for and as the year winds down, this month is a great time to keep them in mind. After giving thanks, don’t forget to renew your membership, make sure your continuing education credits are all accounted for, and save room for pie! AIA Membership Campaign – Time for your annual membership renewal! Renew by December 31st and you will both receive a free continuing education course via AIA Virtual Convention as well as be entered into a drawing to win a complete AIA 2013...

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