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I Belong to the AIA Because...
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  • My Unprecedented Year on the AIA National Board of Directors

  • Young Architects, W+iD PGH, and a More Inclusive Industry: Where Do We Start?

  • AIA Pittsburgh Year in Review: 2020

Design Matters; You Matter

The built environment is not neutral. It either enables progress or obstructs it; contributes to wellbeing or disturbs it. Our region is experiencing the most development it has seen in decades with buildings that will be around for the next 40 to 120 years. Because development impacts people in our community today and for years to come, there is an urgency to be thoughtful and informed about what we are cementing into new places and spaces. And yet, we as a society and a region do not talk about how buildings impact human wellbeing. Blueprint for Better: Pittsburgh (B4B) was developed to change that, and we are looking for more people (i.e. architects, designers of all kinds, neuroscientists, sociologists, EDAC...

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    Grassroots 2020: The Big Takeaways

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