Potential Research Collaboration Opportunities

Near Future Opportunities

Brunner Grant: $15,000 (match required), mid-career architects, due February 2023. 

Graham Foundation, Grants to Organizations: (Non-profits only) Due in February 2023.

Distant Future opportunities

AIA Upjohn Research Initiative, Due September 1, 2023

Latrobe Prize (Stage one Review due in November 2023): No application details posted yet, Perkins Eastman current, extended 1 year


Member Directory

Joshua Lee, PhD, AIA | Chair
Carnegie Mellon University

Research Interests:
sustainable design, adaptable architecture, systems-based architecture, public interest design, post-occupancy evaluation, and educational facilities.


Azadeh Sawyer, PhD
Carnegie Mellon University

Research Interests:
Sustainable Design , Facade, Health Outcomes, Daylighting, Simulation

Chris Guignon, AIA

Research Interests:
Sustainable Design, Building Physics, Adaptive Reuse, Air Quality, Phenomenology, Futurology

Christian (Chris) Pegher, AIA
WTW Architects

Dina Snider, AIA

Drew Armstrong, PhD
University of Pittsburgh

Research Interests:
architecture historian (with a B.Arch.); specialization in late 19th-early 20th century architecture US + Europe; currently working on research in the Oakland neighborhood and Pitt campus; buildings I’m studying right now include Rodef Shalom Synagogue and the Frick Fine Arts Building. Will be teaching an undergraduate course on the Pitt campus and adjacent communities this fall.

Ed Shriver, FAIA

Research Interests:
Urban Design, Neuroscience, Urban Ecology

Emily Chmielewski, EDAC
Perkins Eastman

Research Interests:
Founding member of Perkins Eastman’s Design Research Department, an industry-forerunner of practice-based environment-behavior research; advocate for research in practice and helps create better built environments by pushing the boundaries of professional knowledge and improving environmental design through design research. 

Areas of focus: senior living and K-12 educational environments.

Erica Cochran Hameen, PhD, NOMA, Assoc. AIA
Carnegie Mellon University

Research Interests:
Daylighting, Simulation, Social Equity, Energy Tools AECM


Jason Brody
Bohlin Cywinski Jackson (BCJ)

Research Interests:
Adaptive Reuse, Sustainability, Materials, Community Impact, Mass Timber Construction (Embodied Energy, Carbon, Affordable Housing), Food production (vertical farming, brownfield redevelopment)

Jeff Light


Jeff Murray, FAIA

Research Interests:
Prototype design of COVID testing booths, AR, Computational Design, Energy Modeling, Design Blueprint for Better (Human-Environment Interaction and wellbeing), Design of Research Buildings


Kirsten Wade, AIA
University of Pittsburgh

Research Interests:
neuroscience/mental health + built environment, how place-based experience affects identity at the community & individual level, equitable urban development

Michelle Fanzo
AIA Pittsburgh

Research Interests:
BluePrint for Better, Neuroscience related to the built environment; urban resilience/ disaster preparedness; decon/ reuse/ circular economy for building material

Nathan Myers

Research Interests:
Sustainable Community Development, Focused on large scale intermodal transportation hubs, Power Generation, Water purification, Vertical Farming, regional infrastructure

Sara Chodkowski

Research Interests: Building Performance, Internal Programming, Database of Program Performance, Open Offices, Education

Amanda Markovic

Research Interests:
Sustainable community development, community libraries, Blueprint for Better Pittsburgh, community wellbeing through the built environment, neuroscience

Shan Jiang, PhD

Research Interests:
People-enviornment relationship, therapeutic landscapes, healthcare design, evidence-based design, sustainable community development

Dario Giandomenico, AIA

Research Interests: Interdisciplinary/integrated Practice, Integrated Project Delivery, High-performance Buildings, Adaptive Reuse, Deconstruction/salvage/reuse, Building Technologies, Material + Product Development