Held each Fall, Pittsburgh Architecture Week (PAW) is 7 days of exhibits, panels, awards and tours that celebrate the past, present, and future of architectural design and the built environment in greater Pittsburgh.

This initiative shares how architects – and all who design and build our spaces and places – create our built environment, how architecture impacts everyone’s daily lives, and highlights our region’s unique architectural identity.

PAW is part of our effort to develop energy and excitement for design excellence in everyday life in our region. Design is not just how something looks, it is more how something works and how it makes you feel. We want to promote meaningful design in our built environment that supports sustainability, equity, innovation and a unique sense of place everyone can be proud of.

2022 was our inaugural year – view a recap of events here. Stay tuned for 2023 opportunities to attend events and partner with PAW.

In Pittsburgh’s tight-knit communities, small businesses often serve as the hubs for entire neighborhoods, though many lack the resources to maintain or upgrade their storefronts. To help these businesses thrive, the Façade Renovation Program pairs volunteer architects with small business owners to facilitate a collaborative partnership that makes every stage of the rehabilitation process a reality. These collective efforts uplift small businesses, revitalize local economies, and elevate Pittsburgh’s diverse neighborhoods.

Learn more about the PAF Facade Renovation Program.

Blueprint for Better Pittsburgh (B4B) raises awareness of the impact buildings and spaces have on our daily lives. It seeks to translate the findings of science and design in ways that engage and empower a wide audience, especially those who make decisions about regional development, real estate, housing, and civic spaces. The overall goal is to increase the mental and physical well-being of our region’s population by creating knowledge of and demand for quality design of our built spaces. Check out the B4B video:

Structured around a nine-month training program, the Leadership Institute for Emerging Professionals provides early to mid-career architects and other AEC community professionals with the skills and mentorship necessary to be leaders in both their profession and their community. During the training, participants collaborate on a group project focused on how to apply architectural and design skills to pressing issues such as immigration, affordable housing, and sustainability.

Learn more about the Leadership Institute

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