Committee Members

More committee members means we get more done! Interested in joining us? Click here for more info:

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  • George Rieke, AIA  – Stantec
  • Cat Wick, AIA: Co-Chair  – IKM
  • Courtney Singley, Associate AIA: Co-Chair  – Stantec
  • Rebecca Schwartz, AIA  – Michael Baker
  • Jason Andrews, Associate AIA  – Rothschild Doyno Collaborative
  • Drew Armstrong, Assoc. AIA  – Univ. of Pittsburgh
  • Kirsten Clemens, AIA  – BCJ
  • Mindy Coblentz, AIA  – GBBN
  • Ian Cook, AIA  – evolve
  • Stuart Coppedge, FAIA  – Desmone
  • Melissa Destout, AIA  – Perkins Eastman
  • Sharleen Devjani, AIA  – Gensler
  • Mike Gable  – Construction Junction
  • Rob Hosken, AIA  – Building Performance Architecture
  • Joshua Lee, AIA  – CMU
  • Paul Messineo, Jr., P.E.  – Allen + Shariff
  • Marc Mondor, AIA  – evolve
  • Gary Moshier, AIA  – Moshier Studio
  • Nathan Myers, AIA  – Jacobs
  • Pia Niaditch, AIA  – Gunton
  • Chris Pegher, AIA  – WTW
  • John Ryan, AIA  – DesignGroup
  • Natasha Smith  – PJ Dick
  • Natalie Tompkins, AIA  – Stantec
  • Marco Virgili, AIA  – Stantec
  • Fred Watts, AIA  – IKM
  • Megan Zeigler  – Green Building Alliance

COTE is working on planning 2023 events.  Please visit the following Google Form if you’d like to suggest buildings for site tours:  

The COTE’s Framework for Design Excellence Education Series kicked off with its first session: PEOPLE . The focus: how architects can use the Framework to highlight the sustainability strengths of their projects, envision and design a new generation of buildings, and develop a new way of talking about the work they are already doing.

The AIA Pittsburgh CoTE Education Series continued with its second seminar: PLACE. A panel of experts addressed the next 3 design measures in the Framework for Design Excellence – Design for Integration, Discovery, and Change – and spoke to how focusing on these measures impacts a building’s connection to its site, occupants, and future.

The CoTE Education Series concluded with its third seminar, PLANET. A panel of experts addressed the final 4 design measures in the Framework for Design Excellence – Design for Ecosystems, Water, Energy, and Resources.

Join us at our upcoming meetings!