1. Hillview Elementary Additions and Alterations, DRAW Collective: 600 votes

“It’s an absolutely beautiful building! From the outside it may look like a normal school……but then, boom! you go inside and it’s an amazing work of art and fun colorful learning environment for everyone!”

“My child attends Hillview and it’s an absolutely stunning and positive place to learn! I was impressed with how well the new addition was woven into the former structure. I love the additions of fun objects like pencils for columns and how corners of the building were created into small performance learning areas. I believe there is also a breezeway connecting together one section to another and is being used for an indoor garden. Thank you for the great work and positive contribution to our learning community!”

“I love how they consider all aspects of the design including not only the space but also how it will be used and the people who will inhabit and use that space. They design with that in mind so that those factors direct the design in every aspect. They create a cohesive design that is both attractive and highly functional. Who wouldn’t enjoy going to school in an environment that is so engaging?”

2. Steelers Heinz Filed Flagship Store Interior Fit-Out, LGA Partners: 350 votes

“This was a beautifully designed and constructed project that represents the pride of Pittsburgh.”

“Absolutely put such a look on my boy’s face… 👍🙏🖤💛!”

“This display is clean and creative. The designers took the Pittsburgh theme to the next level. Way to go!!”

3. Seneca Valley School District Aquatic Facility, IKM Architecture: 313 votes

“I have been in this place and it is a beautiful space that is a wonderful place for having swim meets. It’s bright and wide with enough seating. The pool is beautiful. The lobby is a great gathering place and the concession stand is multifunctional for various sporting events.”

“I am a swimmer for Seneca and love to be at this pool.”

“It is an engaging facility that promotes a healthy physical and positive mental lifestyle for students, faculty, and the surrounding community. Most collegiate aquatic centers cannot even compare.”

4. Shorty’s Pins & Pints, Shelton Design Associates: 143 votes

“Amazing design and execution. Beautiful and modern work.”

“Stunning design! Modern vibe that promotes social interaction indoors and outdoors. Perfectly placed splashes of color add to the energy of the space!”

“I love the modern design! I would love to go there! Looks like so much fun!”


5. DLCC: Green Roofs & Event Terraces, Indovina Associates Architects: 142 votes

“The views are stunning, and the architecture blends steel and concrete with the natural elements of wood and plants.  Outstanding!”

“The transformation of the roof from the barren causeway it was to this oasis is stunning.  It offers fantastic views while still keeping with a very natural theme.”

“This space was taken from a dull plain, HOT during the summer mostly unusable space, to a lush highly functional green space that transforms you into a place that instantly relaxes you!!! Not to mention the views from here that most people would never think were there! Money Well Spent and the design fits the original architectural design, as if it was always part of the original concept.”

6. Dancing Gnome Brewery, Margittai Architects: 137 votes

“Because it is fantastic! So beautiful and such a great vibe and environment to enjoy a few beers. Thank you for creating this gem in Pittsburgh!”

“I feel that the project really considered the context as well as the spirit of Dancing Gnome as a brand in their overall design. The brewery is incredibly inviting and a great space to be in!”

“This brewery is a true delight to look at. It’s open and has a beautiful, clean structure that brings the spirit of their beers to life.”

7. Peters Township High School, Hayes Design Group: 128 votes

“Incredible feeling walking into the new Peters Township High School!  Layout, views, flow, decor choices, parking layout, and classrooms/ auditorium/ gymnasium/ natatorium are just outstanding!”

“The use of the surrounding terrain, with the design flowing out of the mountainside, is genuinely brilliant. Too many schools close students off from their surroundings, for fear of distracting them from learning.  Peter’s High School uses the wide open views to inspire the students.”

“I especially love the way the cafeteria was designed and how open the school is so kids are more likely to be social with one another.”

8. Andy Warhol Museum Expansion Masterplan Architecture & Landscape Design, SmithGroup: 116 votes

“It brings something so unique to the area but still feels grounded in the context!”

“Love the relationship between the tactile brick materials and contemporary patterning. it speaks to looking at normal elements through a new lens.”

“This project captures an exciting future adaptation of the Andy Warhol museum. It pays homage to the legacy of Pittsburgh but updates it in a way that creates a welcoming and vibrant urban space.”


9. FLOAT / Park Arena Esports Experience in Nature, DLA+ Architecture & Interior Design: 115 votes

“The dynamic cut of the triangular window (from both the street side and the park side) really opens up the building to the city and the fans.  Really well done!”

“This project has a little bit of everything that makes good design.  Sustainable and community-focused concepts, an interesting program, and just a good-looking composition of architecture at the “end” (in quotations because it wasn’t built…yet!).”

“The last sentence got it for me: “will positively impact the fundamental approach to arena development in the future.”  That is good design, thinking how your work will impact the future.”

10. Second Harvest Community Thrift Store, Rothschild Doyno Collaborative – 104 votes

“It’s such a spectacular design – I am a frequent visitor & patron & see a great need in the community being met by what the facility has to offer. It has great design inside and out!”

“Second Harvest thrift store is an incredible force of good for the city of Sharpsburg. The design of the building echoes that! Good for the environment with solar panels, storm drainage system with a garden, and more, paired with their free food and charging stations, it has become a hub for community through good design.”

“A bright, aesthetically appealing and open environment that is welcoming and conducive to meeting customer, community and employee/ volunteer needs.  This is not “your grandparents’” thrift store or Salvation Army. Rather, the design and layout communicate respect and appreciation for the diverse population served by Second Harvest.  Bravo!”