1. West Virginia University Medicine Children’s Hospital: 1129 votes

IKM Architecture

“It’s been amazing to watch the progress of this structure during my time at WVU. From fundraising with fellow students as a freshman to seeing it in operational as a first year medical student, the impact of this structure is palpable. WVU Medicine Children’s is a prime example of intentional design while also serving a unique purpose.”

“My child was a patient at this hospital – there were big and little touches of design and architecture that made our stay there more comfortable and inspired us to stay positive in a very trying time. From the lighting and bright colors that can be seen from blocks away from inside the rooms to the little tiny letters placed within the floor- I appreciated the details of design!”

“This hospital is a beacon of light for children and their parents/guardians. The architecture is a message to them that this place is strong and encompassing, while being woven with an understanding of children – who they are and what they need. Inside and out there is a pervasive sense of a child’s perspective and thus a message that the experience of the child is an important part of the child’s clinical care.”

2. Georgie’s Corner Cafe: 213 votes

Vergil Architects LLC

“I adore Georgie’s Corner. They put their heart and soul into designing the space and it shows very well. The color schemes bring a sense of excitement and creativity, I love sitting and writing here. The whisk lamps above the counters are so very adorable. They also care about decorating for the holidays or changing seasons!”

“This cafe has been a lovely addition to the neighborhood. The design is warm yet polished and the two doors make it welcoming and give it a circulation on busier days. I think it’s an excellent use of space.”

“Georgie’s design encapsulates Shadyside at its best, blending old and contemporary design motifs, all while reflecting the friendly, energetic demeanor of Georgie himself with tastefully used geometric designs, color accents, and contrasting textures. It’s a prime example to anyone that older spaces don’t have to be limited to more vintage designs—it’s perfectly possible to be fresh in an older space.”

3. Ehrman Crest Elementary And Middle School: 190 votes


“The Ehrman Crest School in the Seneca Valley School District is a building that students want to be in and not just a buidling to house students. The school functions as an integral component of the learning environment providing the students with learning experiences in every part of the building. The students are excited to be a part of this building and therefore enhances their behavior to absorb more knowledge.”

“This represents one of those rare moments where a project transcends the beauty of its physical construction, and is truly paradigm shifting. Its impact on the human condition is transformational for educational buildings. This project shifts the human experience from mere habitation to an immersive encounter with the entire spectrum of learning.”

“The Ehrman Crest School has raised the bar on how schools should be designed and function.”

4. High School Renovations / New Media Center, Hampton Township School District: 173 votes

DRAW Collective

“As a resident of Hampton Township and a teacher in a neighboring district, I was so impressed by the new media center. It’s clear that the team that designed the space is a group of forward thinkers who have the best interests of students and teachers in mind and are preparing for the future!”

“The space is open and filled with light, which makes it inviting to students. It promotes collaboration and conversation, which are critical to teenagers’ development and learning. Excellent design!”

“Innovative, beautiful, open space with tremendous potential for all kinds of activities, individuals or groups.”

5. UPMC Mercy Heliport Relocation: 159 votes

MCF Architecture

“I was fortunate to visit the helipad shortly after it opened. What an incredible experience!! The view alone is inspiring, but the internal design is open, bright, and incredible functional for EMS, Hospital staff, and for the critical patients that.”

“This is a life saving project and has made health care in Pittsburgh better. Mercy is the only level one trauma center with a burn center! This helps patients get to mercy easier and safer! It’s beautiful too!”

“The enhancement will serve the community and our medical support teams well. Any time we can make structural changes that can actually save lives, that’s a huge win!”

6. Clairton Inn Apartments: 132 votes

LGA Partners, LP

“A once run down, blighted corner with limited use is now a thriving space for living, shopping and growing services. It’s mix of new construction and rehabbing original architecture is the perfect combination of what was and what will be.”

“The re-design of the existing buildings along the main street is an inspiring approach to bring people back into the city to live, work and play. Keeping the existing buildings visually intact/unchanged is a respectful nod to the citizens in Clairton. It feels like this move was very intentional to help build the city back up, instead of ignoring the history of the city and its residents by demolishing the buildings.”

“The redesign of the Clairton Inn was well designed and thought out. The end product really brought out the block. It brightened up the street. The original design was dull and very dark which I wouldn’t want to hang around there, but the redesign makes me want to just walk around.”

7. Meyer Farm: 116 votes

HDG Architects

“Loved that the design team focused on bringing back nostalgic elements locals remember, and designing new buildings that follow ALT’s nature-centered and sustainability-driven pedagogy while following the architectural language of Harry’s red metal roofed historical farm.”

“This project is the epitome of a community project. It inspires me to see how architecture can be integrated into (or compliment) and not overtake the purpose of the mission. It looks like a wonderful place to go and learn not just agriculture, but how architecture can be sustainable parts of our lives.”

“It’s important to take climate change and living sustainably seriously. I love the “roots” of this project. I hope to see it realized some day! Would love to take the kids for a nature walk there or attend a class! Inspired.”

8. FLOAT | Park Arena – Esports Experience in Nature: 110 Votes

DLA+ Architecture & Interior Design

“The building is intriguing and invokes a sense of wonder. I particularly like how it engages the street in a manner that is both sculptural and practical.”

“I think this project is inspiring because it has the most playful nature of its concepts and ideas in this category. These are unbuilt, so they should be fun and explorative (before real life gets in the way!) The idea of a floating screen mass not only adds a futuristic touch but also offers a unique space for the community.”

“This project is a testament to forward-thinking design. It inspires me to think about how we can make the most of limited space while benefiting the community.”


9. West Virginia University Reynolds Hall: 96 votes


“I’m a graduate student at WVU in the Master’s of Science in Human Resource Management program. If this building wasn’t on our campus, I probably wouldn’t have gone to grad school. It’s so high-tech and it’s amazing to be able to go to class here every single day.”

“It is such a functional / hands on learning space for learning and teaching. Inviting community spaces that students want to use throughout the whole day.”

“This building provides a space where students and business are able to connect in real time. The building revolves around experiential learning and highly benefits students and their future careers.”

10. Flemish51 on Butler: 93 votes


“Such a beautiful energy this project has. I love the green roof for so many reasons. To sum up: this space gives me hope!”

“Beautiful design. Much thought and consideration has been put in and it clearly shows. The building adds beauty to the block and it fits right in to its surroundings. I love looking up at the rooftop garden as I walk by.”

“The brick…swoon.”