AIA Pittsburgh Board Members rolling off the Board:

Thank you for your service!

Lisa Carver, AIA

Amanda Markovic, AIA

Dina Snider, AIA

Cat Wick, AIA

AIA Pittsburgh 2023 Board Slate: New Board Members

A slate of four new Board members received unanimous support from membership

Stuart Coppedge, FAIA

Joshua Lee, AIA

Prerana Paliwal, Assoc AIA

Rebecca Schwartz, AIA

2023 Officers Slate

Membership also voted in the 2023 Board Officers

John Ryan, AIA: President

Sean Sheffler, AIA: 1st Vice President

Bob Shelton, AIA: 2nd Vice President

Emily Pierson-Brown, AIA: Secretary

Dario McPhee, AIA: Treasurer

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Pittsburgh Architecture Foundation

PAF got a new logo!



In Memoriam

Thomas Celli, AIA | 1944-2022

Over the course of his life and career, Tom worked to become an internationally recognized architect and master planner. He took over the architectural firm Celli-Flynn Architects, which was co-founded by his father, and committed himself to extending the firm’s legacy for lasting design.

Tom specialized in planning and design for educational, religious and governmental institutions for 40 years. Religious institutions and historic cathedrals – such as St. Paul’s Cathedral in Pittsburgh, and St. Joseph’s Cathedral in Wheeling – stand as examples of his restoration abilities.


Luke and his uncle John were co-founders of the architecture firm now known as Desmone and managed by his son, Chip. He was a prolific architect beginning with his first residential project on Spring House Lane in Fox Chapel. Nearly 4000 projects later, Luke has designs in the permanent collection of the Heinz Architectural Center. “Love every line you draw” was a favorite saying.

Among his favorite projects and clients were the Forbes Trail Technical School, the David Johnson Chapel at Thiel College and St. John’s St. Paul’s Church, and more recently a private residence for longtime friends, the McCradys.

Honoring our Retirees

Kathy Bingle, Hancock Architecture

Member since 2011

Jeffrey Brown, IKM

Member since 1998

Richard Miller, R A Miller Consulting LLC

Member since 1987

Kevin Wagstaff, PWWG

Member since 1991

Welcoming our 26 New Members!

Emily Allen, Assoc. AIA

Lucas Bartosiewicz, Assoc. AIA

D.J. Bryant, Assoc. AIA

Takumi Davis, Assoc. AIA

Jeffrey B. Deal, AIA

Sharleen Devjani, Assoc. AIA

Alexandra Garcia, Assoc. AIA

Scott Hager, Assoc. AIA

Peter Hamilton, Assoc. AIA

Gerald Karle, AIA

Anam Khan, Assoc. AIA

Douglas Lieb, AIA

Longney Luk, Assoc. AIA

Ana Sanzinia Nevarez Cardenas, Assoc. AIA

Kayleen O’Brien, Assoc. AIA

Matthew Pfennig, AIA

Trenton Scheller, Assoc. AIA

Nicholas Edward Seftas, AIA

Courtney Singley, Assoc. AIA

Kristyn Svetlak, Assoc. AIA

Alex Takacs, Assoc. AIA

Natalie Tompkins, AIA

Varghese Thyparampil Joseph, Assoc. AIA

Valentina Vavasis, Assoc. AIA

Ellis Vogt, Assoc. AIA

Ashlyn Wilson, Assoc. AIA


Welcoming the 2023 YAF Chair

Greg Coni, AIA

2022 YAF Chair

Jason Andrews, 2023 YAF Chair

Presidential Transition

Bea Spolidoro, AIA

2022 AIA Pittsburgh Board President

John Ryan, AIA

2023 AIA Pittsburgh Board President