EDI Committee

EDI is one of AIA Pittsburgh’s core values. The cases to be made for equitable practice—moral, business, ethical, professional, and societal—all rely on bolstering practices that are inclusive of differences and equitable in approach, process, and effect. The EDI Committee, formed in 2019, will explore and foster diversity, equality and inclusion in the architecture profession in our region. Our work will be guided by the AIA’s Guides for Equitable Practice.

Issues & Advocacy Committee (starting 2019)

Cities are increasingly the level of government and community where scalable change and policy innovation happen. In response, this committee will identify, explore and advocate for issues that impact the built environment in western PA. The group is both a local version for the type of advocacy that happens in Harrisburg, and a more homegrown effort, with potential outreach and discussions with local legislators, City Council members, the Mayor’s Office, community development groups, institutions, and media outlets, among others.

Communications Committee

The committee seeks to enhance the public awareness of architects in the SWPA region through the media and special projects. It serves as a network for architects and marketing/communications professionals interested in public relations. This committee will advise on communications efforts and outlets including, but not limited to the following:

  • Website Content
  • E‐newsletters
  • Social Media
  • Messaging and outlets for our committee work and events

We hope to explore video possibilities soon

Education Committee

Members direct the development of AIA Pittsburgh’s continuing education programming. This committee plays a major role in the planning and development of Build Pittsburgh ‐ AIA Pittsburgh’s annual continuing education conference.

Committee on the Environment (COTE)

Work to advance, disseminate, and advocate—to the profession, the building industry, the academy, and the public—design practices that integrate built and natural systems and enhance both the design quality and environmental performance of the built environment. COTE serves as the community and voice on behalf of AIA architects regarding sustainable design.

AIA Pittsburgh’s COTE brings the AIA+2030 program to our region, the first program featured in AIA Pittsburgh’s Architecture Academy

AIA Pittsburgh’s COTE brings the AIA+2030 program to our region, the first program featured in AIA Pittsburgh’s Architecture Academy

Design Pittsburgh Committee

This committee plans and executes AIA Pittsburgh’s signature program, Design Pittsburgh. Held annually, Design Pittsburgh is a celebration of architecture and design and honors those who create it. The program features the Design Awards competition, exhibition and celebration, in addition to a variety of other programs and initiatives. Through its efforts, the committee seeks to engage the public in and publicly promote the importance of good design in our communities.

Outreach Committee

The Outreach Committee functions like an internal think tank for the profession. Some of the questions the group explores includes: who are our members and what do they value?, how are demographics in the profession changing?, what trends and developments are shaping the profession into the future? The group seeks to create a large, strong, and diverse membership of architects and related professionals. Duties of this committee include the following:

  • Engage in research to identify member needs and advise staff on how to best offer value to members and potential members.
  • Engage new and existing members in events and activities/ committees; raise awareness of trends and developments affecting the profession; identify partnership activities with like-minded groups.
  • Grow the membership: Assist in the development/implementation of membership campaigns and activities.

Revenue Committee

Play a key role in identifying funding and resources to maintain and expand AIA Pittsburgh programming and projects.

Young Architects Forum (YAF)

Its purpose of this committee is to support and encourage young professionals in the field of architecture to: obtain their license, become more involved with career development opportunities, and engage allied professionals through collaboration. Members of this committee continuously seek out new and fresh ideas and the energy and resources to implement them, and have fun doing it.

AIA-MBA Joint Committee

This joint committee provides a unique forum for Architects, General Contractors, and Owners to meet and discuss existing conditions of the construction industry.  As a result of this forum, a set of guidelines was created to reflect the best practices for procedures involving drawings and specifications, bidding, contract documents, and administrative procedures during construction.

Contact AIA Pittsburgh at or 412.471.9548 to sign up for a committee or for more information.