National Intercultural Leadership Program – Scholarships Available!

By Posted on April 22, 2021

Following the success of our 2020 scholarships for AIA Minnesota’s National Intercultural Leadership Program (NILP), AIA Pittsburgh and the Pittsburgh Architecture Foundation will offer partial scholarships to a 3-session version of the virtual leadership program – Foundations of Intercultural Development.

Learn the core concepts of intercultural development and build your ability to engage effectively with colleagues, project partners, clients, and community members of various genders, races, ethnicities, and other “differences that make a difference.”

How past AIA Pittsburgh NILP graduates distill their top takeaways:

  • Joe Bevin  –  “Humbled and Inspired”
  • Monica Blasko  –  “Unpacking Power”
  • Melanie Buzgan-Dower  –  “Practice Being Curious”
  • Nickie Cheung  –  “Learning by Noticing”
  • Emily Pierson-Brown  –  “Learning – Meaningful – Advocacy”
  • Robert Tuñon – “Valued Peer Mentorship”

We have scholarships!

We are excited to offer 50% scholarships ($125 each) to this training to those who could otherwise not afford the full cost. Five of the 2020 AIA PGH NILP graduates have made financial contributions to help make these scholarships possible, paying it forward for the next cohort. We encourage applicants to leverage these grants to find a match or other contributions.

Apply for support by telling us: “Why is this program intriguing to you, and what do you hope to do with what you learn?” in 250 words or less no later than midnight May 12th and send to Recipients are expected to share elements of what they learned in a presentation to the AIA Board / EDI Committee to spread the knowledge.

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