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The key is collaboration

By Posted on January 31, 2013

Eric Osth, AIAName:  Eric Osth, AIA
Firm:  Urban Design Associates
Family:  Married, two children
Years in practice:  15
Education:  B.Arch., University of Miami, cum laude; M.U.D., University of California, Berkeley, University Fellowship
Your first job:  Loading Dumpsters on a construction crew.
Project you are proudest of:  Yang Pu Knowledge & Innovation Zone in Shanghai, China (SOM) and A Pattern Book for Habitat for Humanity (UDA)
Building you would like to tear down:  East Liberty Giant Eagle
What is the best part of your job:  Terrific, passionate clients.
What would you change about your job:  A little less air travel.
What have you always wanted to tell your clients:  Thank you.
What is the most annoying thing that architects do:  Avoid collaboration.
What is the next big architectural trend:  Industry collaboration.
Advice to young architects:  Join the AIA.
The one thing you wish they would have taught in school:  The widely dynamic characteristics of the profession.
Architectural quote to practice by:  “Make no little plans.”
Code/zoning requirement I would change if given the chance:  The use of percentages.
Favorite tool (can be digital, drafting, physical, etc):  Black ink pen, trace paper.
Favorite building:  Faculty Club, UC Berkeley
Favorite outdoor space:  Central Park, NYC
Favorite city:  Pittsburgh
Architect you would like to have a drink with:  Mark Dietrick
Favorite architecture book:  American Vitruvius
Favorite Pittsburgh neighborhood:  I have to pick one?
Wish list for downtown Pittsburgh:  More residences to feel like a neighborhood.
Building you would like to renovate into something else and why:  I would like to renovate Allegheny Center into a neighborhood again.
Where you live in Pittsburgh and why you think it is great:  Point Breeze, it feels like a small town with the resources of Pittsburgh within easy reach.
If you could live anywhere in the world, where:  Someday, I would like to split time between Pittsburgh and Europe.  Since that is not feasible, I will stick with Pittsburgh.
Someday I would like to:  Bicycle across Europe.
Best gift to give an architect:  Gift card to a bookstore.
What’s on your iPod/Pandora/Spotify:  Death Cab for Cutie and Dave Brubeck
Favorite Kennywood ride:   Racer
I want to be remembered for:  Collaboration.
I belong to the AIA because:  I want to help maintain and improve the profession.

Eric Osth has also contributed a book review and Viewpoint to Columns.  Take a moment to read his collaborations with AIA Pittsburgh!

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