Where to Start?

Becoming familiar with social media

By Patty Swisher Posted on December 12, 2012

So, I’ve volunteered to write this regular short post on Social Media in the A/E/C industry for Columns.  My goal is to share lessons learned with you. One of the first challenges is understanding what IS social media?  Here is a post that offers 50 variations on the definition of social media. Social media takes many forms including collaborative projects, blogs and microblogs, content communities, social networking sites, and virtual (game) worlds. You will recognize the ‘big’ social media sites (platforms) and applications including Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and most recently, Pinterest as well as perhaps Flickr, Vimeo, Tumblr, MySpace, and a list of others.  A variety of technologies may be applied when delving into social media including blogs, picture-sharing,...

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Has Social Media Passed You By?

Taking advantage of what's available

By Patty Swisher Posted on November 21, 2012

Like it or not, social media is part of our current culture and continues to grow in its influence and impact on businesses worldwide. Not only has social media been discovered by the AIA on a national, regional, and local level, it also continues to be discovered and adopted by architects, engineers and contractors ranging in size from a one- or two-person firm to the mega-merger firms we’re seeing today. Have you jumped in? Are you incorporating social media as part of your marketing mix? Are you trying to figure out what it’s all about? Hopefully, this will help. The plan is to develop regular content to share with the readers of Columns that highlights lessons learned, best practices, and...

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