Pittsburgh Toasts Newly Registered Architects

Congrats to 2013's licensed professionals

By Posted on December 12, 2013

This year was witness to more young architects completing the arduous A.R.E. in the Pittsburgh region than any other in recent memory. Eighteen local professionals passed all seven divisions after countless hours of studying and preparation, as well as completing the Intern Development Program. AIA Pittsburgh celebrated their achievement with a toast at the Holiday Party last week. Congratulations again, and take a deep breath – you did it!

New RA poster
Here are the 2013 RAs:

Gary Atcheson – Lami Grubb Architects
Jim Bischoff – A|E Works
Melanie Buzgan Dower, AIA – Rothschild Doyno Collaborative
Ben Clements – IKM Incorporated
Anita Gallo – Strollo Architects
Jesse Gidley – Lami Grubb Architects
Josh Harter, AIA – Pieper O’Brien Herr
Brent Houck, AIA – Perfido Wagstaff Weiskopf + Goettel
Greg LaForest, AIA – Gensler
Becky Lowe, AIA – Desmone & Associates
Ryan Mustio – Astorino
Matt Plecity, AIA – Gensler
Patrick Rakszawski – A|E Works
Annie Shelton – Westinghouse
Bob Shelton – Chatham College
Adam Stadt, AIA – WTW Architects
Drew Weinheimer – Astorino
Bethany Yoder – Astorino


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