Case Technologies wins AIA National People’s Choice Innovation Award

Pittsburgh Technological Solutions Company Wins Award for Reality Capture Workshop in Volterra, Italy

By Posted on December 14, 2017

Image credit: Wladek Fuchs, University of Detroit Mercy School of Architecture

Thanks to everyone who voted, the Reality Capture Workshop has won the AIA National People’s Choice Award for Innovation!

Case Technologies’ Reality Capture Workshop is a long-term collaborative project to create a complete digital documentation of a historical city and a methodology for the information dissemination.  The project is a partnership between Case Technologies, the University of Detroit Mercy, and Civil and Environmental Consultants, among others.

Located in the city of Volterra, Italy, the main purpose of Reality Capture is to provide an International educational and research experience in which students and professionals learn to use innovative technologies and collaboratively produce three-dimensional computer models of the ancient city of Volterra, its archaeological remains and some of its treasured artwork.

A jury selected by AIA National recently called the project “extraordinary in its scope and aspiration and a great example of using typical reality capture tools in atypical ways,” when awarding the project an Innovation Award.

The Innovation Awards recognize the exemplary use and implementation of innovative technologies and progressive practices among architects and designers, their collaborators, and their clients, in support of the design, delivery and operation of buildings or research in practice and academia.

Mark Dietrick, Assoc. AIA says: “I feel so honored to have the opportunity to work on this project and being recognized for the work is very humbling.”

Read more on Case Technologies website or download the full project sheet for Reality Capture.

Image credit: Wladek Fuchs, University of Detroit Mercy School of Architecture


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