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By Posted on September 18, 2014

Are you on the path to licensure? Looking for NCARB news and a study group to keep you motivated? Look no further!

IMG_6134ARE Review Series

Starting each September, the Young Architects Forum produces an ongoing series of monthly review sessions for those preparing for the Architectural Registration Exam. Each month, a prominent member of the architectural community will focus on one of the seven divisions of the exam, presenting some strategies for the graphic vignette and a lecture based on division-specific content, followed by a question and answer session.

Individuals can purchase a package of all seven review sessions for $125, or register for specific classes for $20 each. To learn more and register, visit the YAF ARE Review Sessions page.

ARE 5.0

ncarb-logoNCARB is starting to transition to ARE 5.0, so make sure you are aware of what’s on the horizon. ARE 5.0 is set to launch in 2016, although ARE 4.0 will still be available until June 30, 2018. Have you started taking the exams? Keep powering through, there’s still time to finish with 4.0!

But if you will be part of 5.0, look forward to the exam consisting of six divisions that align closer to how an architect practices today. It will also incorporate new testing technologies to replace the graphic vignette software that has been in place since the exam was computerized in 1997. New item types will include “drag and drop” functionality, placing a specific element such as flashing into its correct location in a wall section. The exam will have an increased focus on business development and project management, two areas that the 2012 Practice Analysis revealed were lacking in the skill sets of emerging professionals.

Transition planning has been greatly improved since ARE 3.1 was phased out. Anyone testing when ARE 5.0 is launched will have the option of self-transitioning to the new format through NCARB’s credit model. Passing three divisions of ARE 4.0 (CDS, PPP, and SPD) – the three divisions that YAF recommends starting with — will automatically credit the candidate for four divisions of ARE 5.0, leaving only two exams to complete. Under this hybrid system, candidates can finish in five sittings, instead of six or seven.

Interested in learning all about this new version of the exam? Check out what NCARB has compiled.

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