A Night at Wigle

By-Law Changes and a Whiskey Garden

By Posted on September 22, 2014

Earlier this month, members and nonmembers joined together at Wigle Whiskey’s new Barrelhouse and Whiskey Garden to enjoy an evening of cocktails and conversation at the Annual Membership Meeting.

First up was taking care of business, which included voting on the proposed by-law changes. The proposed changes allow AIA Pittsburgh to have up to three Associate Members on the Board of Directors at any given time. Last year, AIA National changed their by-laws to allow chapters to increase Associate representation on their boards. This provides more flexibility and diverse representation on our board. The newly-voted-on by-law now reads (with the newly added change in italics):

 6.11  Membership of the Board of Directors.  

The Board of Directors shall consist of fourteen (14) chapter directors, each of whom shall be an assigned Architect member of this Chapter, except for at least one but no more than three Associate Directors who should be assigned Associate members of this Chapter. In addition, the head of the Department of Architecture and the president of the student chapter at Carnegie Mellon University, a public director, and the legal counsel of AIA Pittsburgh shall be Directors of the Board ex officio, with rights and privileges as described in Paragraph 6.04 above.  The Public Director shall be a non-architect who is not in any membership category (except Honorary Membership) nor employed by AIA Pittsburgh. The Executive Director shall be a non-voting member of the Board, ex-officio.

Once the by-law change was voted on, the fun was able to begin. Here’s a view of the evening in case you missed it.

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