Gulf Tower Building Tour

By Posted on February 13, 2013

On January 31, 2013  AIA Pittsburgh’s Young Architects Forum took a tour of the Gulf Tower roof lighting system.  The tour, organized by the Green Building Alliance, included a presentation by C&C Lighting LLC., the lighting design firm who recently upgraded the 1932 building’s lighting system from a 1970 neon light design to its current multicolor LED system.  The lights that top the Gulf Tower typically display current weather conditions, such as barometric pressure, temperature, wind speed, and relative humidity.  During special events like the Fourth of July or for a Pirates victory, a specially pre-programmed light show can be triggered by the building owner by smart phone, or by the foyer reception clerk.  The lighting system upgrade, in addition to adding ambiance to the city’s skyline, is also considerably more energy efficient than the old system.

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All photos courtesy of Andrew Poerschke.


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