Resolutions – Lose 10 Pounds, Write 10 Posts

Four steps to achieving goals

By Patty Swisher Posted on February 12, 2013

Anyone that has been on a diet at any point in their life will realize that losing 10 pounds for one person can be JUST as difficult as writing 10 blog posts for another.  What do you want to achieve? Have you considered a professional services blog as part of your 2013 resolutions?

As you develop your social media strategy, think about this 4 step approach created by Forrester Research:

Step 1: People.
Who is your audience? What information do they want? What social media sites do they use? Will writing for other architects help you build your business? While it is important to write about something that you are passionate about, blogging for professional services should have a business related goal.

Step 2: Objectives.
There is that pesky word again, objectives. What do you want to accomplish? Why are you considering adding these tools and tasks? This can be a big commitment of time and effort. Make sure you are spending your time wisely and setting your objectives for success.

Step 3: Strategy.
How much time will you commit to engage? Who will perform these tasks? Again, time and effort. Social media tactics are not short term, quick fix methods to build reputation or win new business. The best efforts grow organically, over time.

Step 4: Technology.
Which tools are right for you? Does the thought of writing 10, 26, 52 or more blog posts make you sweat? Then perhaps a blog is not the right platform. Maybe the micro-blog Twitter is a great place for you to start? Does Twitter seem like a foreign language that you just don’t get? Maybe connecting on LinkedIn is a better place to begin.

Considering these four steps will set your social media strategy on the right course, help you focus on those New Year resolutions, and achieve your goals.

This is the fourth in a series on social media in architecture.  Read the first, second, and third parts, too.

Patty Swisher is a 15+ year veteran marketing communication professional in the A/E/C industry. She is an SMPS Pittsburgh Past President, current member of the MBA Social Media Task Force (and presenter), and co-founder of Social Media Group Pittsburgh – an organization dedicated to sharing best practices in social media marketing. She can be found on Twitter @pmswish.

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