Keeping Kids Entertained: Architecture Edition

Design-Related Ideas for Your Kid-Friendly Quarantine

By AIA Pittsburgh Posted on April 2, 2020

Courtesy Learn to Play at Home

There are a lot of suggestions out there for how to entertain kids while they are staying home during the COVID-19 crisis. Here we’ve rounded up some of our favorites that have an architecture focus. While it doesn’t mean your kids will leave you alone entirely while you attempt to work from home, our hope is that these ideas will provide some new entertainment and help you share your craft with your children.


Create a box city and practice cutting, painting and building with this activity from Learn With Play at Home.

Learn the concepts behind design thinking with this activity from Left Brain, Craft Brain.

Craft an Egyptian pyramid with The Pinterested Parent.

Build a toothpick and marshmallow structure and learn basic engineering concepts with Play Teach Repeat.

Another way to teach design thinking concepts with Education.com.

Courtesy Lemon Lime Adventures


Build structures with candy gumdrops with Lemon Lime Adventures.

Learn printmaking by making symmetrical cityscapes with Art Room 104.

Build shoebox houses with Art Bar Blog.

Fun-a-Day has a great roundup of engineering activities and printables for kids.

Courtesy Deep Space Sparkle


Build a “pop-out” castle with construction paper with Dick Blick:

Make mixed media “bridgescapes” with Dolvin Art Night.

Look at pictures of skyscrapers and make line drawings inspired by illustrator Marz, Jr. at Deep Space Sparkle.

Create futuristic city drawings also with Deep Space Sparkle.

Learn about two-point perspective with The Name Design at Snapguide.

And finally, AIA DC has a wonderful round-up of design-related projects for older kids:

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