Dossier: Alicia Volcy, Assoc. AIA

Name: Alicia L. Volcy, Assoc. AIA Firm: IKM, Inc. Family: Husband, Riccardy Volcy. Years in practice: Six. Education: BArch, Florida A & M University. Your first job: Judson Architecture in Miami, Florida. I was only a sophomore. Project you’re proudest of: My home renovation. What have you always wanted to tell your clients? Cheap short cuts = long expensive wounds. What’s the most annoying thing architects do? Critique a restaurant’s finishes and details while at the dinner table. Favorite tool (can be digital, drafting, physical,…): Museum board and tacky glue. Favorite building: The Aqua Tower Architect you’d like to have a drink … Continue reading Dossier: Alicia Volcy, Assoc. AIA