Dossier: Carly Sacco, AIAS

Get to know the President of the local AIAS chapter and the newest AIA Pittsburgh Board member

By Brigid Moser Posted on December 2, 2020

Name: Carly Sacco. AIAS

Family: My parents: Lee & Carlo; and my two sisters: Maegen & Hannah. Also my dog, Riley.

School/Major: Bachelors of Architecture (‘22) at Carnegie Mellon University

Why did you choose to study architecture? I chose to study architecture because while still in high school I really enjoyed the creation of sets that told a story in my high school theatre club. I felt that I could do similar work in architecture where I would be able to create pieces that positively impacted peoples lives.

What do you feel you bring to the field of architecture? Youth. I feel architecture like many other professions takes time to really master which lends it to be seen as a profession of older generations. However, still being a student, there are many new technologies and new ways of doing architecture that I feel will be beneficial to the profession.

What’s the most annoying thing architects/architecture professors do? Forget about the people. A long time ago a good friend of mine told me “no matter what, don’t forget there’s people at the end of this” and I try to hold on to that in whatever I do. I feel that often enough there becomes so much pressure on a project sometimes the corners that start getting cut are the moments that impact a person the most. There’s a bad reputation out there for architects that they just know what people need/want, and while they may have some expertise in that area, there is no way they just know what is best for everyone.

Favorite tool (can be digital, drafting, physical,…): Although not the cleanest tool in the bunch, I have to give my thanks to my hot glue gun. Many may say it’s too messy for clean model making, but when you’re in a crunch and all else fails, the hot glue gun is always there to put it together. If a hot glue gun can’t make it stay together, it can’t stay together.

Favorite city: New York City (they wouldn’t let me back if I didn’t say that)

Architect you’d like to have a drink or coffee with: Maya Lin – I don’t even know if I would need to say anything, I’d just like to hear her thoughts.

What’s the next big architectural trend: Adaptive re – use, renovating & bettering what we have.

Best gift to give an architecture student: A gift card to a coffee shop…or a gift card to an art store.

The secret to my success: Becoming a Google Master. Or having super smart peers I can also ask for help. A lot of answers are already out there, sometimes it’s a better use of time figuring out how to apply the answers.

Advice to other architecture students: Don’t forget architecture is a public service. Aesthetics and curb appeal are also obviously important, but don’t let it overtake or lose the meaning the work is for.

Architectural quote to practice by: “I really believe in the idea of the future.” – Zaha Hadid

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  1. Carly, Having practiced in this profession for 34+ years I agree with the advice you received . . . “there are people at the end of this.” Architecture is many things but the profession is ultimately about people and relationships. If you take that to heart you will go far.

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