Anastasia Herk, Assoc. AIA

Meet the 2012 chair of the Young Architects Forum

By Posted on December 19, 2012

Name: Anastasia Herk, Assoc. AIA
Years in practice: 6
Education: Masters of Architecture from Kent State University
Your first job: Architectural intern at VIA design architects in Virginia Beach
Project you are proudest of: Bakery Square 
Most embarrassing moment: Falling – Anytime. Anywhere. For a former dancer I’m very clumsy! 
What would you change about your job: Location. I miss working Downtown.
What is the most annoying thing that architects do: Are stuck in their ways and are unwilling to learn new processes, designs, trends…. 
Favorite tool: Creativity
Favorite city: Pittsburgh! (a true yinzer)
Wish list for downtown Pittsburgh: Fill the empty buildings, bring more people in, make it livable and more lively after 5pm. 
If you had not become an architect, what would you have been: Event Planner 
If you could live anywhere in the world, where: Florence, Italy
Someday I would like to: Run a half marathon.
The secret to my success: Being involved, willingness to learn, not one dimensional. 
Advice to young architects: Join the Young Architects Forum and get involved! No one is going to further your career but yourself. 
I belong to the AIA because: I want to be involved in something that is helping architects shape the future.

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2 Responses to Anastasia Herk, Assoc. AIA

  1. Is one considered an architect simply because the get a degree?

    When someone says that no one is going to further your career but yourself, I know many who can’t because they can’t find work in the profession. There are constraints that are unsurmountable without licensed architects providing opportunity. IDP is dependent on getting a job with a licensed architect.

  2. Will, I’m sorry that I did not see your comment until now.

    There are many ways to get your IDP hours without technically working for a licensed architect. NCARB has come leaps and bounds in advancing the system, we actually had a open house with them in January so that young architects could learn more. One option is to find a mentor at one of our mentor matching events!
    Secondly, the YAF has helped many ‘out of work’ young architects find new positions simply by getting them involved in the community, networking and having fun.

    Hope to see you at an upcoming meeting or event!

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