Peters Township High School

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Client: Peters Township School District

Architecture Firm: The Hayes Design Group - Architects

Contractor: SitelogIQ (Construction Manager)

Engineers: Civil Environmental Consultants; Barber and Hoffman, Inc.; Tower Engineering; NV5; Wallover Architects Inc.; McFarland Kistler and Associates

Photographer: Michael Haritan

Affiliated Architect: Weber Murphy Fox

Programming initially divided the school into three broad forms: an academic wing, a fine arts wing, and athletics wing. The goal was to integrate the forms naturally into the hillside, preserving views and daylighting while minimizing site disturbance. The three forms were rotated and separated to allow a central core for them to revolve around. The final building form and its orientation offers dynamic views and connected spatial experience across multiple levels as students and staff travel through the building.

The purpose of this building was to bring a space to the community that everyone could use. What was once an area only for those who belonged to the country club is now a community resource that may be used by all. Not only providing indoor community spaces to residents and the student population by way of an auditorium, gymnasium and natatorium but outdoor spaces feature playing fields, a stadium, meadow, and walking and bike paths to the neighboring community park.