FLOAT | Park Arena – Esports Experience in Nature

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Client: City of Seongnam, Korea

Architecture Firm: DLA+ Architecture & Interior Design

Engineers: Sangji Group

Affiliated Architect: Sangji Group

Landscape Architect: Sangji Group

Park Arena was designed as a new home for the local Esports community, and is a sustainable, energy-efficient extension of an existing urban park. The design embraces the identity of the park and the journey of various user groups including fans, performers, operators, and local community members visiting and traveling through the site on both game and non-game days, allowing for flexible use 365 days a year.

The Owner was intent on maintaining the existing park. Since a new building footprint would take up more than 70% of the existing site to meet the building’s programming requirements, our design team came up with a vertical design solution that “floats” the mass of the building. This design uses less of the park’s existing footprint while maximizing green space.

The design supports the bigger concept of a community-oriented arena and will positively impact the fundamental approach to arena development in the future.