B35. Architecture Firm Offices


Client: WTW Architects

Architecture Firm: WTW Architects

Contractor: Rycon Construction, Inc.

Engineers: Tower Engineering, Taylor Structural Engineers

Photographer: Halkin Mason Photography

When originally designed in 1983, the creation of personal office space for individual architects was a radical departure from the past. The computer age had begun and the design provided workstations that were semi-private, minimizing personal interaction resulting from the use of the new technology. The redesign of this architecture firm’s offices reflects how architectural design work has come full circle. Respecting the 21st century employees’ increasing desire for collaborative experiences, this renovated workspace harkens back to the large, open drafting rooms of the past that fostered an immense amount of interaction. The redesigned interior also honors the connection between past and present, as the original brick and timber structure is highlighted and enhanced by the layering of spaces, bold pops of color, and the dynamic use of natural light.