B26. Ebb Therapeutics


Client: Ebb Therapeutics

Architecture Firm: Renaissance 3 Architects

Contractor: Landau Building Company

Engineers: Loftus Engineers, LLC

Photographer: Rombout Photography & Renaissance 3 Architects

Looking to expand their office space and grow into their new branding identity, Ebb Therapeutics sought a space that would reflect their commitment to researching insomnia treatments.  Biophilic design principles were utilized to reflect their business concepts and goals through ample daylighting, desaturated color tones, and an open, collaborative work space promoting transparency. Building off of Ebb’s vision for a space that is energized by strong visual and physical connections that would encourage synergy between various departments, our goal was to create an engaging space that would foster collaboration and creativity while emphasizing the potential flexibility of the space and its ability to satisfy the company’s expected growth.