Stephen Winikoff, AIA

Architect... or Dogwalker?

Name: Stephen Winikoff, AIA Firm: Astorino-CannonDesign Family: Susan (spouse) Years in practice: 15 Education: B.Arch, University of Toronto, Canada Your first job: High-end residential work in Toronto, Canada Project you’re proudest of: Allegheny Health Network’s Health & Wellness Pavilion, Wexford Most embarrassing moment: My second job as a recent architectural graduate was working for a small design-build firm in Toronto. The office was in a private home. One day my boss’s husband, a wealthy hedge fund manager, came downstairs to the office and seeing that I was the only one present, says “Hey Champ (did not know my name), when you take your lunch break, would you mind walking Sophie (the dog)? Thanks, Buddy.” Needless to say, Sophie did not...

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90 Neighborhoods

Ron Donoughe's Love Letter to Pittsburgh

By Becky Spevack Posted on May 12, 2015

“What is around here that I should paint?” That is the question Ron Donoughe found himself asking a lot last year. In the summer of 2013, he undertook his ’90 Pittsburgh Neighborhoods’ project, committing to paint a scene from each and every one of Pittsburgh’s 90 unique neighborhoods, in alphabetical order, within a year. And he quickly found that reaching out to those who lived there helped guide his brush. “If you humble yourself to ask, it makes a stronger connection to the neighbors, to the community.” THE STUDIO VISIT I find myself hunched against the wind as I wait at the backdoor to a large brick building in Lawrenceville. It’s a grey-skied day… typical Pittsburgh. The solid wood opens...

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Looking Inside “The Wrong House”

The Architecture of Alfred Hitchcock

By Raymond Bowman, Assoc. AIA Posted on April 29, 2015

Alfred Hitchcock was an indirect part of my architectural education at Carnegie Mellon University. The professor who taught one of my strangest studios had a list of recommended media that included Vertigo, along with an album by the Flaming Lips that required four CD players to listen to. I also remember (somewhat more fondly) seeing a few of Hitchcock’s other movies, including Rope and Strangers on a Train, when they were playing in the University Center for $1. But I may never have considered his movies as a kind of architecture until I heard about The Wrong House: The Architecture of Alfred Hitchcock by Steven Jacobs. Steven Jacobs begins with a simple and compelling idea: to watch Hitchcock’s movies in the service of painstakingly...

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Joanna Beres, Assoc. AIA

AIA PA Associate Director and Lover of All Things Italian

Name: Joanna Beres, Assoc. AIA Firm: AIA Pennsylvania (currently the AIA PA Associate Director) Family: MaryEllen and Steve Beres (parents); Stephanie and Andy (siblings);  Frank (fiancé) Years in practice: 6 Education: M.Arch. with a concentration in Urban Design and Conservation at the Catholic University of America; B.A. Urban Studies from the University of Pittsburgh Your first job: I ran a snack counter at a golf course. What’s the best part of your job? I advocate for fellow associates. What would you change about your job? I would like to find a full time position in the field, so that I may complete IDP. Project you’re proudest of: Participation in the Market Square Place project by STRADA. What have you always wanted...

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Build YOUR Burgh

Bringing the Idea of Design to the Masses

By Becky Spevack Posted on March 12, 2015

Design Pittsburgh. It’s a design competition. An awards ceremony. A gala. The one time each year you catch up with some of your colleagues. But it’s also something more. It is AIA Pittsburgh’s yearly opportunity to expose architects’ work to a wide variety of audiences, to raise the profile of architects in the public’s eye. How to fill such a tall order? Nine years ago, AIA Pittsburgh moved the Design Pittsburgh exhibit to downtown and became a stop on the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust Gallery Crawl, exposing hundreds of ‘crawlers’ to the array of architectural designs submitted for the competition. A few years later, the entries were made available for viewing (and voting) online, bringing in thousands of unique page views...

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Sketch to Structure: For the People

Seeing How Buildings Take Shape at The HAC

By Bea Spolidoro, Assoc. AIA Posted on March 1, 2015

The process of architecture is not linear, with much back and forth happening before getting to the built product. Nevertheless, Curator Alyssum Skjeie was able to capture interesting architectural moments – and deliver them to the public – with the Heinz Architectural Center’s latest exhibit ‘Sketch to Structure,’ a collection of drawings, sketches, and architectural models that show how architects work. “The goal is to keep it broad and accessible,” Skjeie points out as we start the visit together… All the pieces displayed are from the HAC collection, some donated by architects, and others obtained over decades, with a couple of purchases made as recently as last year. Some historic drawings, already part of the museum’s Fine Arts department before...

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“Great Day for Pittsburgh”

Local Firm Wins Big Award

By Becky Spevack Posted on January 25, 2015

At the beginning of each year, AIA National unveils the newest recipients of the Institute Honor Awards. And each year I scroll through the dozen or so projects, hoping to see one I recognize, hoping to see one of ‘our own’ listed, a local firm receiving this big honor. This year, for the first time in over a decade, Pittsburgh made the list! A huge congratulations goes to Rothschild Doyno Collaborative for their Honor Award for Sant Lespwa Center for Hope. This project has now won an award at all three levels of the AIA – a 2013 Honor Award from AIA Pittsburgh, a 2013 Citation of Merit from AIA Pennsylvania and now this. Columns caught up with Dan Rothschild,...

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Social Media for Architects, by Enoch Sears, AIA

A Beginner's eBook

By Patty Swisher Posted on January 22, 2015

When Becky asked me to read and review the e-book, “Social Media for Architects,” I jumped at the opportunity. One of the many things I’ve found about learning about social media is that you must read, read, read to learn, to keep up with changes, to find out about best practices, and to avoid major fails. The book contains six chapters of content on Social Media, Blogging, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Case Studies. From the author’s LinkedIn profile, he describes the book as a “brief tome [that] discusses how architects can use social media for lead generation through didactic examples, commentary and case studies.” This accurate and concise statement summarizes the publication. The book is short in length, quick, and...

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Alan Schlossberg, AIA, LEED AP

Meet the 2015 Chapter President

Name: Alan Schlossberg, AIA, LEED AP Firm: Perkins Eastman Family: Wife Loretta, daughters Sarah (age 16) and Anna (age 14), dog Bruce (age 3, people years) Years in practice: 27 (February will be my 20th anniversary with PE) Education: Master of Architecture, Carnegie Mellon University; Bachelor of Fine Arts, Theatre, Carnegie Mellon University Your first job: Stock boy, frozen food aisle, Waldbaums supermarket, Long Island, NY. Always dress warm! Favorite building: Any school. Schools hold the potential to shape the people who create our future. Favorite outdoor space: Bryant Park, NY – perfect balance of formality and respite in an urban greenspace. Favorite indoor space: Grand Central Terminal, NY …the ultimate city arrival experience. Favorite city: New York. What’s the...

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Three Rivers, Endless Possibilities

Honoring Lisa Schroeder's impact on Pittsburgh

By Becky Spevack Posted on January 6, 2015

Throughout the history of Columns (in print and online) AIA Pittsburgh has documented the issues surrounding riverfront reiteration and development. AIA members have played important roles in the work and have served to foster public understanding of the importance of our riverfronts. Here are some highlights from our coverage over the years. UNEXPLOITED OPPORTUNITY “Pittsburgh is a water city…. Anyone would think we loved our rivers. Yet I can think of few cities which treat their waterfronts with less respect than we do…. Look at the river banks. Discover an essay in neglect and unexploited opportunity…” The year is 1990, and David Lewis, FAIA has a lot to say about the state of Pittsburgh’s riverfronts. He is rightfully appalled at...

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