Some Facts & Myths about Membership with AIA Pittsburgh:

MYTH: Memberships lapse immediately after the new year begins.

FACT: Membership officially lapses on March 31, 2020. Have you renewed yours yet? Click here to renew online today!


MYTH: Dues for newly licensed members are soul-crushingly expensive.

FACT: Renew as an Architect after the first or second year of becoming licensed and you will receive a special membership dues discount. The “stepped dues” program allows recently licensed members to ease into the full dues payment over a three-year period while they begin their careers. Click here for information.


MYTH: Members are charged “back dues” for years they are not members if they let their membership lapse.

FACT: Back dues don’t exist. While you shouldn’t let your membership lapse, there is no back payment charged for the years in which you are not a member. If you are experiencing financial hardship, please contact AIA Pittsburgh to discuss a payment plan. Click here for more information about dues installment plans.


MYTH: Recent graduates are expected to pay the full AIA dues right out of school.

FACT: Graduates of accredited schools of architecture receive complimentary membership with the AIA at the Associate level for up to 18 months after graduation. Non-NAAB Degree Holders or Individuals Working under an Architect’s Supervision may also be eligible for Up to 18 months complimentary membership. Click here for more information.


MYTH: My membership dues are tax deductible.

FACT: Dues payments, contributions or gifts to the American Institute of Architects and its chapters are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. However, subject to restrictions imposed by federal law, they may be deductible as ordinary and necessary business expenses. For the portion that is not allocable to lobbying and therefore may be tax deductible, see the front of the invoice. Please consult a tax professional to determine the appropriate tax treatment of your dues.


As the collective voice of the local design community, AIA Pittsburgh brings together design industry professionals to collaborate, exchange ideas, and enjoy each other’s company. Working together, we can create better places to work, live, and play by further raising the standards of architectural education, training, and practice; fostering design excellence; and promoting the value of architectural services to the public. Contact AIA Pittsburgh with membership inquiries.

Membership Types

Architect Member (AIA)
Individuals with an architectural license from a U.S. licensing authority are eligible for Architect Membership.

Associate Member (Assoc. AIA)
Associate AIA Membership is open to individuals who meet one of the following criteria:

International Associate Member (Int’l Assoc. AIA)
Individuals who have an architecture license or equivalent from a non-U.S. licensing authority are eligible for International Associate Membership.

Emeritus Member (AIA or Assoc. AIA)
Emeritus Membership is available to any Architect or Associate Member who has been a member of the AIA for 15 successive years, is at least 70 years of age, and whose membership is current (or lapsed for less than nine months).

AIA Pittsburgh Industry Partner Membership
A unique partnership is available for those individuals and/or companies that are a part of the build industry, either a building product manufacturer, service provider to architects, or trade association. Become and Industry Partner.