PechaKucha Night Pittsburgh

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PechaKucha Night Pittsburgh Vol.34: International PechaKucha Day!

Presented by: AIA PittsburghAIGA Pittsburgh and the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council.

PechaKucha Night Pittsburgh Vol 34
Thursday, February 20th

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Museum Lab – 6 Allegheny Square West, Pittsburgh PA 15212

6:00 p.m. Doors open.

6:30 p.m. Presentation starts

Join PechaKucha Pittsburgh on February 20, 2020 to celebrate the largest PechaKucha Night celebration to date! 81 cities around the world will be hosting PechaKucha on this date to celebrate the anniversary of PechaKucha’s founding.

Let’s welcome our presenters:

Brittney Chantele – “The Golden Opportunity’ – An album on my military experience”

Joe Mruk – “The Joy of Being Prompted”

Lindsay Stefans – “Lighting and the Blues”

Betsy Irizarry – “How life led me to Agile Coaching”

Justin Thakar – “Exploring the Uglier Side of Humanity and a More Local Economy”

Ed Massery – “Sharing my experiences photographing Pittsburgh from the perspective of our neighborhoods and downtown architecture”

Manca Ahlin – “Lace in Space”

Bea Spolidoro – “With no hair on my tongue – weird Italian sayings worth knowing”

PechaKucha Nights are informal, fun gatherings held in more than 900 cities world-wide, where creative people share their ideas, works and thoughts in a 20×20 format; a presentation style with 20 images that advance automatically for 20 seconds each, as the presenter talks along with the images.

Words. Images. 20 slides x 20 seconds each.

Experience it!


View photos and related news at PechaKucha Pittsburgh on Facebook.

PechaKucha Night, devised in Tokyo, as an event for young people to meet, network, and show their work, has turned into a worldwide celebration, with events taking place all over the world, including right here in Pittsburgh!  Drawing from its name, the Japanese term for “chit-chat”, PechaKucha relies on a presentation format based on a simple idea, 20 images x 20 seconds.  It is a dynamic presentation style where presenters have a total of six minutes and forty seconds to pair words and images.

Three times per year, AIA Pittsburgh partners with AIGA Pittsburgh to bring you PechaKucha Night Pittsburgh. Check our events calendar for future dates. Sign up for eColumns, our weekly e-newsletter, to stay informed.


Scroll down for past PechaKucha Night Pittsburgh videos!

Phyllis Kim, Obsession

Arthur Notaro, Assoc. AIA, 1970; 1870; 2070

Emily Putas, AIA,  The Value of Space

Jen Bee, AIA, Musings on Millennium Park

Lindsay Grauvogel, What Yogi Berra Taught Me About Being a Designer

Mike Roy, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Eric Fisher, AIA, The RG1

Corey Escoto, Hackling the Polaroid

Bea Spolidoro, Assoc. AIA, Carnevale A Schignano

Anne Jackson, An Exhibition of Posters from Iran

Casey Droege, A Slightly Organized Tornado/Time-management Machine

For more videos from Pittsburgh PechaKucha Nights visit AIGA’s youtube channel.