Young Architects Studio Competition 2021

Former Mellon Bank of East Liberty (6112 Penn Ave)


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The 2021 Projects


Not an Exurban Outlot by Walt Haim

Stop building one-story exurban outlot type development on prominent streets and corners in the city! Embrace the location of East Liberty, a third downtown for Pittsburgh. Construct high density affordable transit oriented housing with a ground floor that engages the streetscape!


The STEP by Anthony Kosec


The STEP aims to be a Communal Gathering and Experimental Art Center available to all who call East Liberty home, both long time and new. Repurposing this unique Mellon Bank would be the step toward a more united community that has seen considerable change over the last decade. With the residents help and creativity the goal would be for this to become a local cultural hub of activity that is greatly beneficial to the community.


Grafting Pittsburgh Modernisms by Zachary Miller

The existing Mellon Bank building offers a unique modernist form, and the new addition proposal gently mimics the sawtooth rhythm along the facade. By lofting the “stair-like” formal gesture above the existing building and using light metal facade panels upon the addition, a contrasting visual is created between the existing and the new–all while preserving the same architectural language.


The PPL Center for Community Excellence by David Stumpf


The Pittsburgh Police Athletic League Center for Community Excellence, also known as ThePPAL Center for Community Excellence, is the proposed redevelopment of the former Mellon Bank Building located at 6112 Penn Avenue in East Liberty. Designed as a catalyst of community development, empowerment, and inclusion, this redevelopment proposes an athletic complex, coffee shop, child care center, and Pittsburgh Police substation with the aim to become a new hub for daily life in East Liberty.

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