YASCs of the Past

Take a look back at YASC Honor Award recipients and get inspired to enter the YASC 2017 challenge!

PROJECT NAME: Growing Pittsburgh
PARTICIPANT: Selina Bitting, Assoc. AIA
2017 Equitable Pittsburgh: The Most Livable City for Everyone: The challenge was to design a project that will make a statement on the theme of “Equitable Pittsburgh.” Read more


DESIGN TEAM: Jake Morrison
2016 Vision PGH 2050:  The challenge was to design for a resilient future. Read more


BATHS at the Billboard
PARTICIPANTS: Jozef Petrak, Assoc. AIA; Brian Pagnotta; Patrick Russell; Ben Quint-Glick; Breanna Praechter

2015 A Sign of the Times: Reimagining the Bayer Billboard Site
The challenge for this competition is to propose a new use for this iconic site. Read more. 


PROJECT: Clean Water Workshop
PARTICIPANT: Robert Tuñón and Keith Labutta

2014 Urban Voids: Opportunities Along the Rivers
The challenge for this competition is to identify an urban void along the riverfront that is believed, by the entrant(s), to have untapped potential, and to offer a creative solution to fill that void. Read more.

DP2013 DrewWeinheimer

PROJECT: Light Trail
PARTICIPANT: Drew Weinheimer

2013 The Great Allegheny Passage
The challenge for this competition is to devise a creative program for the establishment of a “place” or “places” along the GAP trail within the City of Pittsburgh geographic limits. Read more.


PROJECT: Symphony Bridge
Beatrice Spolidoro

2012 The Fort Wayne Railroad Bridge
The challenge for this competition is to devise a creative program for the adaptive reuse of the bridge’s lower deck, and propose a conceptual design for the program’s implementation. Read more.


PROJECT: Uncover Pittsburgh
Jared Friedman


PROJECT: Exercise City
Katie Walsh, AIA

2011 A Stair to Where?
The challenge for this competition is to design an imaginative stair in the City of Pittsburgh. Read more.


PROJECT: Drew Weinheimer
Organic Mechanic

2010 Ten Penn Folly
Design a screen structure for the parking lots on either side of 10th Street at the intersection with Penn Avenue… Read more.