Blueprint for Better: Pittsburgh

Well-designed buildings and spaces project their value far beyond a building’s walls and into the lives of communities and individuals. Architecture has been and will continue to be a foundational element in what kind of city we are and for whom.

The Pittsburgh Chapter of the American Institute of Architects wants to start a city-wide discussion about how buildings and spaces directly affect our communities and the people in them.  Can we shape our surroundings to embody livability, sustainability, and equity? We think so.

Over the next few months we will be adding more information on how you can get involved and join the conversation.

Blueprint for Better: Goals

  1. Initiate a city-wide conversation about how buildings and spaces play a major role in achieving – or not – a healthy, livable and inclusive city and region.
  2. Listen and learn from others about the obstacles to realizing such a vision and engage architects to help seek solutions.
  3. Inform and empower the public, community leaders, design and building professionals, developers and public agencies to be able to envision and advocate for a better built environment.

Are you interested in how the built environment impacts human wellbeing? Are you good at engaging an audience? Come join the B4B Team as we present the impact of design to a wide variety of audiences. For more info: