Chair | Cassandra Osterman |Perfido Weiskopf Wagstaff + Goettell

Best way to overcome a creative block: Get up, stretch, and take a walk about the block. Time is valuable, why AIA? The Young Architects Forum, as a branch of AIA, exists to support our network of emerging professionals. For me, its greatest value is to be a connector of early career designers scattered throughout the region, in firms big and small.
Favorite food: Thin-crust, New York style pizza


Vice Chair | Greg Coni | IKM

Best way to overcome a creative block:  Going for a run or clearing my mind with yoga. Time is valuable, why AIA?:  AIA offers a community of fellow architects and recent grads beyond my office’s employees to connect and socialize with.  YAF provides a valuable service to many recent grads and young architects looking to achieve licensure and network with other individuals at a similar stage of their careers.  I am looking forward to continuing to help other younger designers achieve their goals of licensure as I was able to and to grow our network of Young Architects. Favorite food: Homemade Mac and Cheese! Favorite Pittsburgh Space: Mellon Square

Mentorship Chair | Michael Sweterlitsch  |Rothschild Doyno Collaborative

Best way to overcome a creative block: Pinterest break. Time is valuable, why AIA?  I find that I go to AIA events and specifically YAF meetings to stay informed about all the other events happening around the city for emerging professionals. Every time I go to an event, I learn about a number of upcoming events I would probably miss otherwise. Favorite food: Turkey Devonshire. Favorite Pittsburgh Space: The top of the Cathedral of Learning.

Fellowship Chair | Jason Andrews  |Rothschild Doyno Collaborative

Best way to overcome a creative block:
Time is valuable, why AIA?
Favorite food: 



Communications Chair | Oyuki Sulu | Shelton Design Associates

Time is valuable, why AIA? Being a young international architect, one of the biggest challenges is finding a way to grow your professional circle. I have found AIA and YAF to be the best way to get connected, socialize, and share knowledge with professionals who are passionate about Architecture and design. Best way to overcome a creative block: Digital detox. Favorite Pittsburgh place: Phipps Conservatory. Favorite food: Tacos & Guacamole. Favorite drink: Irish Tea or a good cider. Mantra: Keep it simple.

Past Chair | Anastasia Markiw | DesignGroup

Time is valuable, why AIA? My early years in the working field was spent in a small firm and having a larger network to tap into of like-minded young professionals was really important to me. The AIA and YAF were critical building blocks in getting licensed and I feel at this point in my career, I have the opportunity to give back to the organization. The connections made through YAF and the AIA end up being significant that last years. Favorite Pittsburgh Restaurant/Favorite Food: Pusadee’s Garden was a traditional Thai restaurant located in Lawrenceville. It had this amazing outdoor space covered by a pergola that greenery grew and created an intimate private space. As a BYOB establishment, it was the best place to have a bottle of wine with friends on a warm summer night. I’m a bit heartbroken, as it recently closed and opened a sister restaurant Burgh Thai. So now I have a new place to try! Favorite Drink: Coffee. I can’t start my day without it. But if we’re talking alcohol, then IPA’s beers. Unless I’m on a beach, then something fruity.