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Chair | Eric Phillips, AIAStrada

Time is valuable, why AIA? There are many professional reasons to be involved in the AIA (networking, keeping up on the current state of Pittsburgh’s architecture, supporting colleagues, promoting knowledge, etc.), but my personal goal is outreach. I believe young designers can learn and grow so much by being involved in the many events that YAF and AIA put on during the year. It’s rewarding to create personal connections and help others to get more involved. Favorite Pittsburgh space: It feels rewarding to be a part of the designers that are making Pittsburgh an active, modern and ‘hip’ city again. My favorite part of town is Pittsburgh’s activated streetscapes (which in no coincidence is the thought behind my firm’s name, Strada – Italian for ‘streets’). I love seeing the sidewalks active, seats at cafes and restaurants full, and to feel the energy of those coming and going, enjoying their city. My favorite streetscapes for taking a stroll are Penn Ave. in the Cultural District and Butler St. in my neighborhood of Lawrenceville. Favorite Pittsburgh Restaurant: Tough question to answer, as it gets more and more difficult to sort through the amazing restaurants popping up around town. I’d still have to say that my favorite is Gaucho Parrilla Argentina (or ‘Gaucho’ for casual conversationalists) in the strip. It started strictly as a take out lunch joint and has transformed into a restaurant for which people will wait in line for hours! Beautiful Argentinian wood-fired meats and can’t miss sides of empanadas, papas, and grilled corn. It’s 9:00 in the morning and I’m already salivating just thinking about Gaucho!  Favorite Pittsburgh Brewery: I’d like to say I’m a craft beer enthusiast. And I’m in luck, as Pittsburgh’s craft beer scene has blown up over the past 5 years. Right now, Dancing Gnome Brewery in Sharpsburg can’t do wrong. Large bodied, juicy, hazy IPAs/PAs are their jam (they actually have a beer named Jam) and every single one I’ve had is delicious. Their tap room is simple, modern and welcoming (designed by Peter Margittai Architects).


Vice Chair | Anastasia Markiw | DesignGroup

Time is valuable, why AIA? My early years in the working field was spent in a small firm and having a larger network to tap into of like-minded young professionals was really important to me. The AIA and YAF were critical building blocks in getting licensed and I feel at this point in my career, I have the opportunity to give back to the organization. The connections made through YAF and the AIA end up being significant that last years. Favorite Pittsburgh Restaurant/Favorite Food: Pusadee’s Garden was a traditional Thai restaurant located in Lawrenceville. It had this amazing outdoor space covered by a pergola that greenery grew and created an intimate private space. As a BYOB establishment, it was the best place to have a bottle of wine with friends on a warm summer night. I’m a bit heartbroken, as it recently closed and opened a sister restaurant Burgh Thai. So now I have a new place to try! Favorite Drink: Coffee. I can’t start my day without it. But if we’re talking alcohol, then IPA’s beers. Unless I’m on a beach, then something fruity.


Fellowship Chair | Nadia Voynova |Rothschild Doyno Collaborative

Best way to overcome a creative block:
Time is valuable, why AIA?
Favorite food: 


Mentorship Chair | Cassandra Osterman |Perfido Weiskopf Wagstaff + Gottell

Best way to overcome a creative block: Get up, stretch, and take a walk about the block.
Time is valuable, why AIA? The Young Architects Forum, as a branch of AIA, exists to support our network of emerging professionals. For me, its greatest value is to be a connector of early career designers scattered throughout the region, in firms big and small.
Favorite food: Thin-crust, New York style pizza


 Secretary | Casey Bice | Mavrovic Architects PC

Best way to overcome a creative block: Walk away and do a hands on craft like knitting or calligraphy. Or read a fun book (as opposed to something for a class). Then come back and see how my mind has shifted. Favorite Pittsburgh space: The Point. It’s an amazing public space reclaimed from such polluted roots. Favorite food: It changes depending on my mood. However, I am almost always up for any type of desserts. Favorite thing to make as well!


PR Chair | Walt Haim | Rothschild Doyno Collaborative

Best way to overcome a creative block:
Time is valuable, why AIA?
Favorite food:



Bea SQ

Past Chair | Bea Spolidoro, AIA | Rothschild Doyno Collaborative

Most significant lesson learned: Talk less, draw more
Favorite food:Risotto Milanese style

Favorite Pittsburgh space: The Allegheny North shore Riverfront
Connect with Bea: @beaspoliFlickr