Get It in Writing: The Contract

The AIA Contract Documents Program, the oldest and most comprehensive program of its kind in the world, develops standardized contract forms and administrative procedures for the building industry. AIA contracts provide the basis for nationwide uniformity for contractual relationships in the design and construction process. They represent the state of the law regarding construction industry practices and new legal developments. Most importantly, they assure fairness to all parties–owners, architects, engineers, builders, and contractors–and contribute to successful projects.

Any project will benefit from the use of AIA contract documents. Contact AIA Pittsburgh to purchase AIA contract documents or follow the link to shop online.

The following are some of the more commonly used documents:

A101    Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Contractor

A201    General Conditions of the Contract for Construction

B141    Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Architect

G701    Change Order

G702    Application and Certificate for Payment

G704    Certificate of Substantial Completion