AIA’s COVID-19 Resources & Response

Updated June 26, 2020

AIA Pittsburgh is coordinating with AIA National, AIA Pennsylvania, other AIA chapters and partners to provide our members with resources, best practices and timely information to support our community through the COVID-19 response.

We will be updating our COVID-19 Resources and Response page on a regular basis and suggest you bookmark it. We are aware that everyone is getting a lot of emails and want to be thoughtful about how much we send you. That said, we want to provide you with ready access to useful tools and data.

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The most important service we can provide is to keep our members safe, healthy and informed. Let us know what you or your firm needs so we can best target our resources to support you.

Contact Us: AIA staff is working remotely but otherwise our services are unchanged. The best way to reach us is via email:

Committee Meetings: For the time being, all AIA committee meetings will be held via conference call. Committee members will be contacted with call-in information before scheduled meetings.

UPDATED – Reopening the Workplace


AIA National Resources
  1. Has your project been delayed due to COVID-19? Learn how the AIA documents, including the A201-2017, handle contractor delays and extensions of time.
  2. Learn whether COVID-19 has affected the architect’s standard of care, and what the architect can do to meet its standard.
  3. Learn what things to consider when negotiating a new contract during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  4. Learn the basics of mechanic’s liens and other payment options that might be available during COVID-19.
  5. Learn the most important aspects of the CARES Act, and how the AIA is working to help architects during COVID-19, so you can protect your firm.




  • This frequently updated list shows the architecture activities that may be considered exempt in each state. What local actions is your municipality taking?
  • This COVID-19 local action tracker by The National League of Cities and Bloomberg Philanthropies has collected nearly 1,200 policies in 400 cities (and counting).
  • The ICC’s Coronavirus Response Center is compiling aggregated information from the ICC, governments, and fire prevention departments from around the world.

Local Resources:

Legal Resources: 

Resources for your office/business: