2022 People’s Choice Voting

Welcome to the 2022 Design Pittsburgh People’s Choice project gallery! This year we have 66 architectural projects designed by local architects for your viewing in four categories: Small, Medium, Large and Unbuilt.

As you look through this year’s projects, ask yourself: Does the project inspire you? Would you enjoy spending time in that space? Does the project enhance or serve our community?

Public voting is open now through 11:59pm September 26. Click the categories below to see all photos, information, and a voting button for each project.  You may vote once, or up to once in each category (max. 4 votes).


Architecture – Small

The Architecture Small category is for built projects up to 5,000 Square Feet.



Architecture – Medium

The Architecture Medium category is for built projects from 5,000 to 50,000 Square Feet.



Architecture – Large

The Architecture Large category is for built projects over 50,000 Square Feet.



Architecture – Unbuilt

Many of the world’s best architectural ideas are still on the drawing board. These projects are ideas, competition entries, and explorations of what is possible.