2013 Award Winners

Congratulations to all 2013 Award Winners!

Honor Award


Robert M. Smith Student Center
Architecture Firm: DRS Architects, with Sasaki Associates
Client: Slippery Rock University
Contractor: Mascaro Construction Company
Sasaki Associates; The Gateway Engineers, Inc.; Atlantic Engineering Services; CJL Engineering
Englebrecht Photography; Chuck Choi Architectural Photography
Jury Comments: 
The jurors appreciated the elegant façades, which were skillfully composed from large scale, program elements down to subtle patterning of the surfaces. The exterior of the building functions as an invitation to the spaces and activities inside. Interior spaces are flexible and adjust to a variety of uses. These spaces transform, but remain grounded and characterized by their materials, proportions and relationships to the site. The total project has a character that is more than the sum of its parts.

Honor Award


Sant Lespwa, Center for Hope
Architecture Firm: Rothschild Doyno Collaborative
Client: World Vision International
Contractor: Ceres Environmental Services
Engineers: Atlantic Engineering Services; Iams Consulting, LLC
Photographer: Sarah Spanagel
Jury Comments: The jury was impressed with the degree of design quality that the architects achieved while involving members of the community in the design and construction process. The project clearly acknowledges the vernacular architecture of the area while elevating the aspirations of the community.

Certificate of Merit


Cafe at the Point
Architecture Firm: Pfaffmann + Associates
Client: Riverlife
Contractor: DiMarco Construction
Engineers: Atlantic Engineering Services; Iams Consulting, LLC
Photographer: Pfaffmann + Associates
Jury Comments: This project is an understated and well-considered design that is a careful response to the larger site. It integrates the café into the park with the durability and intentionality of infrastructure instead of impermanence. The result is a more civic figure and space in which one can engage in the experience of the park.

Green Design Citation


SOTA Construction Services, Inc. Office Building
Architecture Firm: studio d’ARC architects P.C.
Client: SOTA Construction Services, Inc.
Contractor: SOTA Construction Services, Inc.
Engineers: Lamm Engineering; Keystone Structural Solutions; Iams Consulting, LLC; ARUP International
Photographer: Massery Photography, Inc.
Jury Comments: This project exhibits a comprehensive approach to sustainability with an experimental attitude.

Green Design Citation


Center for Sustainable Landscapes
Architecture Firm: The Design Alliance Architects
Client: Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Garden
Contractor: Turner Construction Company
Engineers: Civil and Environmental Consultants; Atlantic Engineering Services; CJL Engineering
Photographer: The Design Alliance Architects
Jury Comments: The design met aggressive sustainability goals with solutions that are skillful and on display for instruction.

 Architectural Detail + Craftsmanship

Award of Excellence


Saint Thomas A’Becket Church – East Wall
Architecture Firm: Astorino
Client: Diocese of Pittsburgh
Contractor: A. Martini & Co.
Engineers: Civil and Environmental Consultants, Inc.; Astorino
Photographer: Denmarsh Photography, Inc.
Jury Comments: The drape of the vestments is translated successfully into this grand feature of the space. It is a strong contrast to the space and a powerful east wall invention. The jury appreciated the combination of digital tools with artisanal execution. One juror noted “Bernini would be very happy”.

Award of Excellence


Campus for a Global Entertainment Company – Glass Wall
Architecture Firm: Bohlin Cywinski Jackson
Contractor: Hathaway Dinwiddie
Engineers: ARUP
Photographer: Tim Griffith Photographer; Lawrence Anderson Photography, Inc.; Nic Lehoux; Paul Lee Photography
Jury Comments: This element animates and brings to life a parking garage – successfully balancing simple detail with complex color variation. The jury imagined the light play created from the glass detail wallpapering the interior of the garage.

Design + Innovation

Award of Excellence


Architecture Firm: Urban Design Build Studio
Client: Allegheny County; City of Pittsburgh
Contractor: Urban Design Build Studio
Engineers: Baker Engineering
Photographer: Urban Design Build Studio
Jury Comments: Kids would have an absolute ball with this. The jury appreciated the manner in which the project performs double duty as both playground and educational facility. The project construction, while quite exuberant, is both elegant and didactic. The project reminded the jury of an elaborate “bookmobile” or ice cream truck, although rather than using music to draw the kids in, the vehicle itself and the waterworks contained within act as a visual beacon. One juror remarked…. “I want some of the drugs that they’re taking.”


Historic Preservation

 Award of Excellence


21c Museum Hotel Cincinnati 
Architecture Firm: Perfido Weiskopf Wagstaff + Goettel, with Deborah Berke Partners
Client: 21c Museum Hotels
Contractor: Messer Construction
Engineers: Atlantic Engineering Services; Kohrs Lonnemann Heil Engineers, PSC
Photographer: Tony Soluri Photography; Immortal Images Architectural Photography; CLINT Studios
Jury Comments: This is a careful and exacting restoration, and a skillful resolution of the diverse conditions of the existing building. The lighting design is complimentary, creative, and at times almost figural.

Award of Excellence


Fourth Avenue Dollar Bank Renovation 
Architecture Firm: Strada Architecture LLC
Client: Dollar Bank
Contractor: MBM Contracting
Engineers: Atlantic Engineering Services; Karpinski Engineering
Photographer: David Aschkenas
Jury Comments: The juxtaposition of the lions as a new interior feature and a solution to a technical preservation issue was well played and created a new dynamic within the historic context. The choices about replacement and restoration expertly made and executed.

Interior Architecture

Honor Award


21c Museum Hotel Cincinnati 
Architecture Firm: Perfido Weiskopf Wagstaff + Goettel, with Deborah Berke Partners
Client: 21c Museum Hotels
Contractor: Messer Construction
Engineers: Atlantic Engineering Services; Kohrs Lonnemann Heil Engineers, PSC
Photographer: Tony Soluri Photography; Immortal Images Architectural Photography; GLINT Studios
Jury Comments: The restrained use of color and the use of white as a unifying feature allows the space to act as a gallery for the artwork and the inhabitants. The features of the existing building are both highlighted and integrated into rich, modern spaces. Artworks are playfully and respectfully integrated as design elements. And, “Who doesn’t love a penguin?”.

Certificate of Merit


Reed Smith LLP Office Interiors
Architecture Firm: WTW Architects, with Gensler
Client: Reed Smith LLP
Contractor: Rycon Construction, Inc.
Engineers: Thornton Tomasetti; CJL Engineering
Photographer: Michael Moran Studio
Jury Comments: The jury appreciated the simple and elegant detailing and the relationship of the interior to exterior spaces. The compositions of brown and red, a tough combination, is very successful, almost surprising. The refined figure of the wood wall in the two-story space is restrained but affective.

Certificate of Merit


MAYA Design
Architecture Firm: EDGE Studio/GBBN Architects
Client: MAYA Design
Contractor: F.J. Busse Company
Engineers: Cintar Engineering and Consulting; Precision Electrical Contractors
Photographer: Massery Photography, Inc.
Jury Comments: The jurors appreciated that the design stayed true to the diagram which illustrated a clever approach to space planning, an invention to respond to a unique company culture in a standard office building. The family of “kivas” was carried out with no apparent compromise in function, material or detailing.

Young Architects Studio Competition


Light Trail
Participant: Drew Weinheimer
Jury Comments: Innovative use of current day scientific experimentation to solve a place making challenge. Incredibly creative way to use nature to have it interact with us and effect the way we understand our interactions with it and with each other. Simple compelling visualization and use of diagrams. Humble and effective proposition.

People’s Choice Award


St. Clair Outpatient Center
Architecture Firm: IKM Incorporated
Client: St. Clair Hospital
Contractor: Volpatt Construction
Engineers: PVE Sheffler; Taylor Structural Engineers, Inc.; Lovorn Engineering Associates, LLC
Photographer: Massery Photography, Inc.