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Architects on the Value of Membership

By AIA Pittsburgh Posted on February 7, 2017

AIA Dossier

Columns has included a ‘Dossier’ of AIA members almost since its inception as AIA Pittsburgh’s chapter magazine. Here we feature a selection of members’ answers about why they belong to AIA.

1. Paul Rosenblatt, AIA
I value the talents, perspectives, and friendship of my colleagues in the profession. Architects are a rare breed and it takes one to know one.

2. Nicole Graycar, AIA
The amazing young women in YAF.

3. Dutch MacDonald, AIA
It allows me to stay connected to my colleagues in the profession and contribute to the ongoing evolution of the practice.

4. Christian Hughes, Assoc. AIA
It is an association of professionals from all ages, walks of life, and backgrounds with one common goal – designing with purpose.

5. Stephen Winikoff, AIA
If a profession does not advocate for itself, no one else will.

6. Michael McDonnell, AIA
It allows me to contribute to the practice at the community level. It gives me access to good research and content through the learning communities, and I can pay forward the opportunities I was given by great architects in this city.

7. Nick Doichev, AIA
I love my profession.

8. Joanna Beres
I hope to contribute to positive change within the profession.

9. Katie Walsh, AIA
Being a Pittsburgh transplant, I joined AIA to meet new people, get to know the profession and make a difference.

10. Alan Schlossberg, AIA
I want to be part of a family who truly understands the challenge of our profession and the dedication it takes to be successful.

11. Anastasia Dubnicay, Assoc. AIA
I want to be involved in something that is helping architects shape the future.

12. Jen Bee, AIA
I became a part of the AIA because my previous employers valued the AIA and supported their employees by paying for AIA membership. I continue my AIA membership because of the unequaled professional support I received from AIA Pittsburgh over the several months after I was laid off in 2009. At the toughest time in my professional life (no sugar coating here), the lunch sessions provided by AIA Pittsburgh introduced me to many other architects in the area, helped me take full advantage of this life-changing experience, and kept me connected to the profession.

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