A19. Presley’s Place

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Client: Allegheny County Airport Authority

Architecture Firm: Hayes Design Group - Architects

Contractor: Allegheny County Airport Authority

Engineers: A&F Engineering

Photographer: Matthew O'Haren Photography & Allegheny County Airport Authority

Consultants: The Children's Museum of Pittsburgh, XYZ Custom, Inc., American Airlines, Magee Plastics, TFH - Special Needs Toys, Autism Connection of Pennsylvania

Air travel can be overwhelming and overstimulating. Our client wanted to support passengers who may be in need of calming or destressing at any point in their travel experience. Presenting ‘Presley’s Place’: a quiet, sensory friendly space that provides an environment and equipment to help travelers with neurodevelopmental challenges, along with their travel companions, to re-group and transition peacefully to the next stage of their journey.