A27. Echo Realty Corporate Headquarters


Client: Echo Realty

Architecture Firm: Strada

Contractor: Echo Realty

Engineers: Allen & Shariff, Atlantic Engineering Services

Photographer: Craig Thompson Photography

Landscape Architect: Strada

The design intent was to create a thriving, multi-generational workplace that encourages collaboration and a “One Team” mentality. A workplace that infuses corporate branding in exciting ways, anticipates growth and expansion, and acknowledges the client’s desire for an amazing space that is as good for the environment as it is for its inhabitants.  The design achieves these goals by blurring the boundary between a typical office and a corporate house. The modern space has both the comfort and warmth of a home and the functionality and flexibility of a workplace. The central courtyard occupies the heart of the building providing occupants with abundant natural light and a strong connection with nature.