Awards Criteria 2016

AIA Pittsburgh invites your participation in our Annual Design Awards Competition. Our mission is to recognize and promote excellence in architecture and design, as created by the members of The American Institute of Architects.

In keeping with that mission, we offer several categories that recognize excellence in different aspects of design.

As in the past, every project submitted will be eligible for exhibition and featured on the Cultural Trust Gallery Crawl on September 23, 2016. Don’t miss the Design Pittsburgh Gala and Awards Ceremony held in October! Check out the event schedule and save the dates. During the Design Awards Ceremony we will announce the winners of the Silver Medal, Honor Award(s), Certificate(s) of Merit, and Award(s) of Excellence.

Who is Eligible?

Members of AIA Pittsburgh, or any member of any AIA chapter across the country who has a project in the 11-county area represented by AIA Pittsburgh can be included in the design competition. All projects must have at least one AIA Pittsburgh architect on the project team. All submissions for the AIA Pittsburgh Design Awards Competition can only be submitted by an AIA Pittsburgh architect.

The Design Awards entries are judged by measuring the architect’s performance against each project’s potential, and not in competition with each other. Thus, projects of ordinary program or modest budget can merit an award based on the architect’s skill in optimizing the design opportunity.

AIA Pittsburgh Design Awards Criteria

All Design Pittsburgh submissions will be collected through

Architecture Award
Architectural Detail + Craftsmanship Award
Design + Innovation Award
Engineering + Science Award
Excellence in Sustainable Design
Historic Preservation Award
Interior Architecture Award
Regional + Urban Design Award
Timeless Architecture Award

About the Design Awards

The Silver Medal is AIA Pittsburgh’s highest award and is presented at the jury’s discretion. It is only presented in the Architecture category. Only one Silver Medal can be awarded, and the jury may choose not to award it. Honor Awards are granted for overall excellence to projects in the Architecture, Interior Architecture, and Regional + Urban Design categories. Certificates of Merit recognize an outstanding aspect of a project such as detailing or adaptive reuse. Architectural Detail + Craftsmanship, Design + Innovation, Engineering + Science, Excellence in Sustainable Design, Historic Preservation, and the Young Architects Studio Competition entries are eligible for Awards of Excellence. The jury may award as many or as few Honor Awards, Certificates of Merit, or Awards of Excellence as they like. All awards are eligible for the People’s Choice Award.

Important Deadlines

  • Friday, August 19th, by 5:00 p.m. – Submission Request Forms must be received by AIA Pittsburgh.
  • Friday, August 26th, by 5:00 p.m. – Your Dropbox folders must contain all required elements for the project submission to be eligible for judging.
  • Friday, September 9th by 5:00 p.m. – Design Boards must be received by AIA Pittsburgh Office.

Forms for Download

Submission Request Form
Project Information Form