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The 2017 People’s Choice Award is brought to you by Civil & Environmental Consultants, Inc.


  1. View all 99 projects.
  2. Understand the intent of each design as described by the architect. 
  3. VOTE once in each category. Voting will end on Oct. 13. Questions to consider when voting: Where would you most want to spend time? What serves the community? What inspires you?
  4. Tell us why! We’d love to hear your feedback and we hope to share it with the participating architecture firms. 
  5. Attend the Award Ceremony & Gala on the 19th and check back on October 20th to view the award winners. 



The Architecture Award category is for built projects. The project completion date cannot be more than five years old.




Design + Innovation

The Design + Innovation Award category is for the wide range of work represented by innovative design elements in unbuilt, theoretical, research, and allied design projects. This is an open category to recognize unique, remarkable design and innovative work in the field of architecture or related fields of practice. Members of AIA Pittsburgh, and members of AIAS are eligible to enter this category.


Historic Preservation

The Historic Preservation Award category is for built projects, which include historic restoration, historic rehabilitation, and adaptive reuse. The project completion date cannot be more than five years old.




Interior Architecture

The Interior Architecture Award category is for completed building interiors. The projects may be large or small in scope and may involve new construction, adaptive reuse, renovation, or preservation/renovation. The project completion date cannot be more than five years old.


Regional + Urban Design

The Regional + Urban Design Award category is for regional and urban design projects, planning programs, civic improvements, environmental programs, and redevelopment projects. Since many urban design projects are never “completed” in the traditional sense, “incomplete” projects or ongoing programs may be recognized if a significant portion has been completed, implemented, or adopted by a local jurisdiction. The projects may be large or small in scope and do not need to be built, but they must be economically and socially realistic. The awards seek to identify projects and programs that involve public participation and contribute to the quality of the urban environment.



Young Architects Studio Competition

Equitable Pittsburgh: The Most Livable City for Everyone
This year’s challenge is to design a project that will make a statement on the theme of “Equitable Pittsburgh.” Participants are asked to describe a problem that makes Pittsburgh and/or its surroundings less welcoming, and to present a project that tackles that chosen aspect of inequality. Design solutions can deal with, but are not limited to, affordable housing, public transportation, social services, public amenities, and racial injustice.