What is CRAN?

CRAN, Custom Residential Architects Network, is a Knowledge Community of AIA. If you practice residential architecture for individual homeowners – whether you work on bathroom or kitchen remodeling projects, additions to existing residences, or ground-up new homes – you are doing “custom” work and are part of CRAN.

Inclusivity is key to CRAN and its future growth. We are a style- neutral group that recognizes members who are engaged in all types of residential architecture design idioms and practice models. Creating and being involved in a local CRAN chapter is one of the best ways to tap into what CRAN has to offer and to build momentum for the AIA’s most active and fastest-growing Knowledge Community.

CRAN has been establishing regional and individual city chapters across the country within the AIA to grow its membership and provide a results-based platform to fulfill its mission of supporting, advocating and educating its members. CRAN has created a unique “Tool Kit” to help you develop a local AIA CRAN committee.

What does CRAN do?

Support: CRAN supports all architects whose practices focus on custom residential work. We address the unique issues related to custom residential practice. We provide a forum for an exchange of ideas and resources that affect the residential practitioner.

Advocate: CRAN is finding new avenues to advocate for the residential practitioner through increased media exposure, publication of position papers, and by working closely with AIA, CEDIA, NARI and NAHB. We have established relationships with media outlets such as Hanley Wood and web-based platforms such as Houzz. We also have solid relationships with industry leaders who sponsor our events.

Educate: CRAN hosts many programs and events on both the local and national levels. We support vital ongoing discussions and provide resources at CRAN provides continuing educational opportunities for its members, the general public and our allied team members for all aspects of residential architecture.

How can I join CRAN?

Join the CRAN Knowledge Community by updating your Account.

Once you join the CRAN Knowledge Community, you can log in to find the latest discussion postings, announcements and upcoming events as well as get access to the current member list.
We look forward to having you join our community, listening to how we can support your individual residential practice and most importantly, engaging with you in robust dialogue to promote and strengthen our chosen architectural path.


CRAN Pittsburgh meets monthly, Wednesdays at 10 a.m.

Stay posted for more locations and dates!

Upcoming Meetings & Events

To view our meeting schedule, go to the AIA Pittsburgh events calendar.

Agenda Items:

  • Introduction of New Members
  • Following-up on continuing education planning

Previous Discussions & Events:

  • Specifications- how much detail do you provide?
  • Architect’s Choice- share your favorite products
  • How do you structure/present your scope of services?
  • Review/compare the Limitation of Liabilities Clause
  • Comparison/critique of residential window manufacturers
  • Weisshouse hosted meeting, featuring a presentation of their new kitchen cabinet line.
  • Schluter presentation/product info

CRAN Pittsburgh Point of Contact

Mary Cerrone, AIA
Mary Cerrone Architecture and Interiors
1056 South Negley Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15217