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“Advocacy is one of the most important things we do. Advocacy raises awareness and advances the profession – not only for our members, but for all architects.”

– Anne J. Swager, Hon. AIA, Executive Director, AIA Pittsburgh

2017 Federal Agenda – “We call on Congress and the White House to advance policies that foster inclusive, diverse, sustainable and prosperous communities.”

Issues & Campaigns 

Top Issues 
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Procurement & Project Delivery – When it comes to designing public buildings, fair competition results in better projects. Hiring the most qualified architects protects the taxpayers’ return on investment. An investment in quality design offers large and long-term returns. These are just a few of the principles that shape our actions on procurement and project delivery.
Business of Architecture – Competitive, innovative and fair—that’s the business climate we work to create. We speak up for architecture firms of all sizes and advocate for public policies that advance the profession and encourage free enterprise and economic well-being.
Global Practice – We are improving business conditions by facilitating fair trade and ensuring US firms stay competitive.
Career – We fight to promote the value of architects across the country while advocating for legislation that removes obstacles to education and professional advancement.
Sustainability – We work to advance policies and design practices that improve energy conservation, the health of communities and resiliency in every community.
Communities – We support policies that promote prosperous, healthy and livable communities—places where housing, retail, schools, and employment are accessible to all.
Design Matters – We keep the value of design in front of decision makers, ensuring that architects contribute to every part of a project, from concept through permits, all the way to day-to-day operation.
Building Codes – We develop building codes that make the built environment and communities safer and more resilient—updating codes, pushing them beyond the bare minimum and ensuring they encourage business growth.

2016 AIA PA Action Day Blueprint

#ilookup – AIA public relations and advertising campaign. Our goal: to raise the profile of the architect’s contribution to the built environment
Materials Matter  AIA website curating resources for AIA members to learn more about how materials affect our health, our environment and our communities. 

Architects in the Community…

Are you an AIA member, or do you know of one of our members who’s making a difference in the community? If so, let us know. We’d love to share their stories and experiences.

Useful Links

Contact Your Congressman Today!

AIA National  – Including Federal and National Issues
Advocacy365 – Making Your Voice Heard Year-Round
AIA Pennsylvania – From its Harrisburg headquarters, manages state government affairs on behalf of all its members.
Pennsylvania Architects PAC – The Political Action Committee of AIA Pennsylvania
ArchiPAC – The American Institute of Architects Political Action Committee
Government Contacts – Departments and committees
Zipcode Lookup – Find your state legislators – Need to know where your elected officials stand on the issues, review voting records and campaign finances?

What Architects Do…

The “What Architects Do” Demo video is intended to demonstrate for AIA members how to properly execute the “What Architects Do” tool. The most effective advocates for architects are architects themselves, so if you choose to use this tool, please download the “What Architects Do” Script and “What Architects Do” PDF. Instead of simply playing this video, the script and PDF will allow members, in their own voices, to not only speak to the important issues exhibited in the Demo, but to also incorporate powerful personal touches by adding their own stories, accomplishments, and anecdotes.